Tito’s Tacos


11222 Washington Pl
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 391-5780

It was a Saturday morning and Julie’s first assignment of the quarter was to attend an art exhibit, the Roberts and Tilton gallery. After 10 minutes of thorough appreciation for what the artist had to offer, we got hungry. Since we were in Culver City, I remembered a commercial that I had seen late at night about a white moustache man trying to sell his tacos, his apparent name was Tito, and he had a little taco stand. After horribly trying to figure out how to work Julie’s Magellan navigation system, we ended up 4 blocks away at Tito’s Tacos!

The first thing we both noticed was that parking wasn’t the easiest thing to get. We had to circle around the area twice and even then, I feel like we got lucky because we were there at the right time when someone left.

After getting out of the car, the other thing we noticed immediately was that the lines were long, like Black-Friday long. However, despite the long lines, they move pretty quickly due to the fact that Tito’s Tacos has multiple cashiers with multiple windows for service. We walked up, waited for maybe 10 minutes and started ordering.

The prices that I saw personally weren’t too bad for what they were, and Julie agreed, so we went ahead and argued about what to order. We then decided to be fat and order a sampling of the entire menu, or at least the more common food items people tend to order. We got 2 beef tacos (which they only have beef by the way), an enchilada, a beef + cheese burrito, and a chicken tamale.


When we got our food, I bit into the taco and realized that it was pretty good, but I’ve had better in my hometown of Santa Ana. The enchilada on the other hand, wow, I almost had a heart attack eating it. When you open it, you notice right away that there’s a layer of oil on top, to them extra flavor I guess. If your cautious about your health, then I suggest you don’t even smell this thing. The burrito was very messy because it wasn’t normal dry beef filling, but it seemed like it was simmered in a chile sauce all day. Overall I think it could have been better, it was sorta bland and mushy….Julie agrees with me 🙂 The last item we had was the chicken tamale, I thought I thought it needed more salt and pepper and just more flavor period. It was very bland to say the least and the masa was very dry.

There was a disagreement between Julie and I and it was the Tito’s guacamole. I like it, Julie thought it was okay. When you first open it, you’ll notice that it’s not the traditional thick guac that you are use to, but rather a more loose concoction. It tastes like traditional guacamole, but lacks texture. I think it’s a hit or miss in terms of whether you think its appealing to you or not, but you can judge for yourself when you try.

Overall, we both think Tito’s Tacos is worth trying once to enjoy what they have to offer for their tacos. The rest of the stuff is very uninspiring and I’m sure you can find a lot better elsewhere at mom and pop shops…so if you’re in the area looking at art or for whatever reason, give it a try. After all, Tito did produce, write, and direct a commercial for us.


~ by thankgoditsfood on April 26, 2009.

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