The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant


20157 Pioneer Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90715
(562) 402-3538

The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant is a little treasure that is located on the border of Long Beach and Lakewood. If you want to get mounds of food, then you are at the right spot! They serve traditional Hawaiian dishes such as katsu, loco moco, variety of fried rice dishes, spam musubi, etc. I was introduced here by my friend Tony and it’s definitely been of of my favorite spots to hit up when I feel like having a food induced coma, good times.

I usually get the char siu pork fried rice with macaroni salad. The fried rice is sweet, but not overpowering. It has a good amount of tender pork, chopped up, and stirred fried with scallions and eggs. It’s the perfect compliment to the best macaroni salad I’ve had at a Hawaiian restaurant. However, I understand different people have different tastes when it comes to mac salad. Some people like their mac salad tangy, some people like it a little bit more neutral tasting. This place serves their mac salad as the neutral tasting variety. It doesn’t have that tangy flavor that is usually complimented by mustard, I’m sure this place omits that. I like both types, so give it a try if you’re here.

The next order of business you have to know about this place is the spam musubi…it’s awesome. It’s a good size and the teriyaki sauce that comes with it is perfect. The spam isn’t too dry or too greasy, and the rice is perfectly cooked, not too hard, and not too soggy.

The only qualm that I have with this place is maybe the price. I tend to look at Hawaiian food as sort of a cheap alternative to other restaurants out there, but this place is pricey IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. Other Hawaiian restaurants charge less for the type of food, but I guess this place makes it up for the big portions…and I mean big. It’s $7.95 I believe for the char siu pork fried rice, which is honestly too much for just bits of pork with rice. Sure its a big portion, but I’m looking for quality. Charge me less and I’ll also gladly take less, I don’t need 2 plates worth of rice on a single huge “Hawaiian” plate.

Other than that, I have to honestly recommend The Loft as a place to try. It’s good food, big portions, and nice people. What more can you want from the islands?

~ by thankgoditsfood on April 28, 2009.

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