The Counter


6416 Irvine Blvd
Irvine, CA 92620
(949) 336-7272

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” – Wimpy

Well that’s the famous line we’ve all heard from Popeye. It’s a rarity nowadays to find a good place that offers up good quality burgers. Well say no more, meet The Counter. It’s nestled within Irvine and if you weren’t looking for it, I doubt anyone would be able to find it. We came on a suggestion from a friend who said that this place offers up huge customizable burgers with very interesting toppings….well, they weren’t THAT interesting, but different enough to set them apart from the other 90% of restaurants serving up burgers (now if they added fried crickets, now we’re talking interesting, lol).


Anyway, the decor of the place is clean, pleasant, and feels like a sports bar. We sat down and we were given a list of what we wanted to have on our burgers. As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of options. You start out by picking how big you want your patty. I decided on the 2/3 lb 100% non-frozen angus beef burger ($10.95). Next you choose toppings, which I ended up choosing: mixed lettuce, jalapenos, red roasted chili peppers, and grilled onions. After this section, they have something called premium toppings. I ended choosing gucamole, which was just like any other regular gucamole, which is not a bad thing. Then you pick your sauce (I picked buttermilk ranch because I felt it complimented the toppings I had chosen) and bun, which I just chose a regular ol’ hamburger bun since I wasn’t too interested in the english muffin bun or the wheat bun. Julie chose the same things I did, except she added pineapples as an extra on her burger.



Julie decided to get the 50/50, which is sweet fries and onion strings. The sweet fries were wonderful, sweet, but not overpowering. The onion strings were good, but to be honest, I’m an onion ring type of guy, so I didn’t care too much for all the batter. Anyway, it comes with three dipping sauces, which were bbq, horseradish mayo, and buttermilk ranch. Give it a try if you’re there, it might be your thing.



When the burgers came out, my first impression was, wow…this is huge. The challenge is to hold it in your hands and take the first bite because I promise you it’ll be hard haha. Things are going to fall everywhere and the burger itself is just too big at the beginning to even fit in your mouth. However, despite the huge mess I made after taking the first bite with a lot of the toppigns falling off, I can’t help but notice how wonderful the beef was. This was good quality beef, no question. We ordered the meat to be cooked to medium, and it came out pink all the way through, good stuff. It was tender and moist, not dried out like the rest of the places. I also thought the red roasted chili peppers accented the burger very well, giving it a smoky flavor. The jalapaneos were spicy, but nothing overboard. After finishing the burger, I realize, wow, this is a great place.

The only draw back to The Counter is the price. It was about 12 bucks for a burger when it was all said and done, and to be honest, the 2/3 lb only filled me up mildly, and I’m an average guy…so if you’re a big guy, the 1lb burger is going to cost you $13 minimum without extra toppings. I still highly recommend The Counter and that you try it. It might be expensive, but the quality definitely shines through. I’ll gladly pay this place Tuesday for a hamburger today 🙂


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Counter”

  1. This place is always a winner for burger cravings.

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