Duke’s Charbroiler


2900 W Warner Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 557-5480

Duke’s Charbroiler has been a local joint that I’ve been going to since back in high school and to be honest, it’s awesome. WELL, that’s not entirely true, but if you try their zucchini fries, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Their zucchini fries is just plain perfection. The zucchini isn’t too small (like George’s Burger down in Fountain Valley) or too big (like Tommy’s). It’s the perfect size and the right amount of batter. It’s a combination of a corn and flour batter, which gives it that type of grit taste, but it suits the fries very well. The other great thing about this is that when you order 1 order of zucchini fries, they give you an order + extra that is left over from the fry session, which means you are actually getting 2 orders….nice!

Everything else here at Duke’s is average to good. The avocado burger is what I recommend if you do decide to eat a burger here, but it’s nothing special. Their chicken taco is also something to consider as it’s probably better than most places, but be prepared to buy a new shirt after eating it, because they don’t skimp on the chicken and the filling.

If you pass by here, GET THE ZUCCHINI FRIES!!!! Trust me, you’ll start loving vegetables too :).


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 13, 2009.

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