Porto’s Bakery and Cafe


315 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996


Gees I think I just gained 4 lbs :(. Nonetheless, this place has awesome pasteries. I can’t really comment on their savory food selections such as the cuban sandwich or other meat-filled sandwich offerings, but I can give wonderful praises for their desserts. My sister picked up their famous cheese strudal, along with the Guava Cheese streudal, and something known as the opera cake.


The Cheese strudel was decadant. It had a wonderful, sweet, just subtle, cheese filling. It wasn’t overwhelming as I expected it would be, but just a nice hint. Defintely not something strong say like swiss cheese. Think something more subtle like mozarella. The pastry itself was light, flaky, and delicious. No wonder this made them famous. The guava cheese strudal was another beast on it’s own. The sweet guava taste perfectly complimented the cheese without overpowering it. A perfect combo and I honestly recommend this over their regular cheese, but get both, and see which one you like better. I mean you always got to try what a place is famous for, but it never hurts to take that chance and jump off the plank and find something else you might like. In this case, however, jumping off the plank won’t kill you 🙂


As for the opera cake, it was very moist and the flavors, again, weren’t too sweet or overpowering. However, I don’t particulary crave mocha cofffe flavored cake, ice cream, candy bar, etc., but I still enjoyed it very much. I mean, from an unbias point of view, I think a person who DOES enjoy this type of stuff would like it as it is well made for what it is.

Overall, I think Porto’s deserves a try, even if they are far away. I know that I gave this place high praises like the rest of everyone else in the LA area, but Porto’s knows how to bake, and they know how to do it well, that’s why there is always so many people at this place at any given time of the day. It definitely is a few notches higher up compared to most bakeries and I think you will definitely appreciate whatever they have to offer, especially since they have such a massive selection of other things. Eat on fellow food aficionados, eat on.


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Porto’s Bakery and Cafe”

  1. um..porto’s!! they have really good fruit tart too…this past weekend they bought one for melissa and it was yummy!!

  2. Mmm.. their hot potato balls are my favorite! I get a bunch for my office from the Burbank location everytime I get sent out there for a meeting at one of the studios.

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