T.K. Burgers


615 W. 19th St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 673-3438

Surf’s down dude!!! Go eat here instead! I know there are mixed reviews about this place and I can understand why. Let’s just start with the bad and get it over with. The fries aren’t great. They are passable, but I firmly believe you are better off getting the onion rings. If you’re not a fan of the onion rings…well…eat the mediocre fries, but it’s just that…mediocre at best. The onion rings are good, but I’ve definitely had a lot better, for example at Ruby’s or Wahoo’s Fish and Tacos (which I firmly believe has the best onion rings of any place due to their beer batter recipe, but this is for another review).


The other thing that is also unappealing here are the hamburgers or cheeseburgers. They got voted best in the O.C., which to be honest, is hard to believe. I think In & Out has better cheeseburgers by far. The patty in the cheeseburgers here are thin, paper thin. They remind me of fast food hamburger joint patties, which to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got their beef from the same suppliers as McDonald’s. The cheese is again, uninspiring and bland. The whole thing is bland, so just don’t even bother with it.


Now on to the good stuff. I honestly think they have very good chicken burgers. Unlike the beef patties, the chicken patty here is big and well flavored…I was hard pressed to believe this was from the same place. The bun, which they also use on every other burger, is special in it’s own way. This bread is very moist and has a hint of sweetness to it, but not very noticeable unless you really taste the bread. It is a special type of Italian bread that they use for their buns, and I honestly think its great for the burger. The other good item you should definitely try is the prime rib eye steak sandwich. The steak is tender and moist, so no worries about a dry piece of meat. These two items are definitely what makes T.K. Burgers shine in my humble opinion, but they don’t shine THAT bright. It’s good, but only a notch up from an average place.

My biggest gripe with this place is the cheeseburger, I mean you’re famous for your cheeseburgers, yet they are uninspiring and dull at best, while your chicken burgers and prime rib eye sandwiches are pretty good. The other thing that would prevent me from really coming back here is the price for the mediocre quality. I think around $3-$4 is the average price for a good burger from a fast food or local diner, but to charge almost $4 bucks for a cheeseburger that doesn’t taste all that great to begin with is discouraging for customers to come back. If this burger was cheap, people won’t mind. However, to charge $6 for a chicken burger, and almost $7 bucks for a prime rib eye steak sandwich is just plain ridiculous. Their good, but not $7-$8 good.  I’m willing to spend money for good food, but I’m a poor college student also, so I want to get my money’s worth.

I say if you really want a good cheeseburger, spend an extra couple of bucks and go to The Counter in Irvine and get way more toppings and a bigger meat patty…or if you’re broke, go to In & Out, can’t go wrong there.


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 14, 2009.

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