Beach Pit BBQ


1676 Tustin Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-7427

We can now officially say that we are fatties. Immediately following the review of another restaurant (Fukata, below), we proceeded to check out Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa (close to the beach side). Thanks to our arrogance in thinking we could find our way around without having looked up the directions beforehand to get to the destination, we ended up spending a good 40 mins calling everyone we knew who might possibly be able to help us find the place. Turns out that there were some technical difficulties and at one point we thought we were supposed to be going to the Beach Pit BBQ in Tustin. I guess to save ourselves some face, the Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa IS quietly hidden in a neighborhood, so we would’ve had trouble finding it anyway hahaha.


Even though the restaurant was a tad bit difficult to find, I was pleased about the homey atmosphere starting right from the entrance. If you didn’t know this was an actual restaurant, you might think that this was just a family having a bbq on their front patio. I am a sucker for restaurants that take the time to be homey/artsy/different in their design, so I was definitely pleased about the atmosphere of this restaurant.


Since this was our first time at this restaurant, we wanted to make the most of our experience so we decided to get the Alabama Slamma’ with our choice of 3 smoked meats. We went with the beef brisket, baby back ribs, and tri-tip with potato salad and blueberry cornbread as our sides. As a snack, fried okra was added to our order. After all was done and paid for, the total came out to be close to $30.


First thing we noticed when we got home and opened the boxes of food was that for the price we paid, there really wasn’t as much meat as we expected. Aww…disappointment! However, of course we are readily willing to give second chances if the quality is good. The fried okra I thought was okay, but then again in general I think fried okra is just alright so I am biased. Vy still liked it though. My favorite of the three meats was the baby back ribs, they were just tender enough and just thinking about the savory flavor now is making my mouth water a bit. Tri-tip was also very delectable. I’m happy to say that this place definitely knows how to cook their meat to just the right consistency. Beef brisket, of the three, I’d have to say was the most plain jane of the three. As for the sides, they weren’t anything out of ordinary. Potato salad had way too much mayo in it and the cornbread wasn’t as spongy as I would’ve liked.


Overall, the quality and pricing of Beach Pit BBQ is comparable to Lucille’s. So, if you’re craving BBQ it might be better to just go somewhere closer since Beach Pit BBQ is a bit of a drive from the Irvine area. Hopefully our next BBQ adventure, Scottie’s Smokehouse BBQ, will meet our standards in taste even though it’s all the way in Orange. As long as we have good food coming our way, as the sign says, “Life is good!”


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 18, 2009.

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