Jeong Won Korean BBQ: To it’s truest form of Self-Served

4690 Convoy St., suite 104
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-4670

I think for the most part, a lot of the places we have reviewed so far have been worth a try or highly recommended. I think this is the first place where Julie and I both had a horrible time, coupled with service that was outrightly non-existent.

We walked in and noticed it was sort of empty for a Sunday afternoon. It was 3:00 PM, so we figured it would be. We sat down and ordered all you can eat for about $20.95/person. It came with your standard brisket, marinated beef, pork, and chicken. Also came with spare ribs, which I’m surprised with since most places don’t offer this. We were happy enough up to this point..until they brought out the food…then things started to head downhill quick.


The waiter came by and lit our grill and left for about 2 minutes before she came back with our meat. Instead of waiting for the grill to warm up properly, she just dumped what seemed to be 4lbs of meat onto our cold grill. I was sorta taken back by this as I learned from other people that you’re suppose to wait for the grill to warm up first so that you can get an adequate sear on the meat without overcooking the center, causing it to be chewy. We weren’t too bothered by this as we just took the meat off and waited for the grill to warm up.

However, when we actually finished cooking the meat, we took the first bite…and we both noticed one big thing. The meat is very very salty. It seems as if they only marinated this thing was soy sauce and more of it…I couldn’t really taste anything sweet from any of the meats. The marinated beef was also very chewy, and yet again, super salty. The brisket is standard issue as briskets tend to all taste the same at AYCE Kbbq restaurants, except at this place, the brisket for some odd reason was very dry. Overall, I had a very dry throat that night, signifying high salt concentration and lots of MSG.

The other problem with this place is that they don’t offer rice paper…which is a big deal to me because I think its the best part of Kbbq :). They only give you rice, which other places already do anyway, so nothing special about it.

The most horrible part of this whole experience has got to be the service…we basically got ignored with only two other parties in the restaurant. We asked for water….we never got it. We asked for more meat…they forgot about it and came to ask us twice after a long wait. We kept raising our hand for their attention for other things…they never looked our way. The waiter got mad at us also when we told her we can put the meat on the grill ourselves so that she doesn’t have to dump all the dishes she brings to our table, over flooding the grill. We tried tracking them down to get our check…took them only 2 seconds to get back to us with the check…this proves to me they really are capable of quick service…when they want to actually give the service. We tried flagging them down a second time so that we could pay for it, but they never looked our way again. Just to remind you folks…there were only a total of three parties of 3-4 people in the entire restaurant during this time. We got fed up with waiting for so long that we just paid cash and left.

Simply put, don’t come here. I think dodging land mines in North Korea would be more fun and fulfilling.


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 25, 2009.

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