Crepes De Paris: Nutella Gone Mad


2710 Alton Parkway, Suite 125
Irvine CA, 92606
(949 727-2096

Nestled quietly into the new built Life Plaza in Irvine is Paris itself, or at least thats what’s painted on the walls. Julie and I decided to come here on a whim because she was craving crepes and we wanted to try a new place. Julie had already seen this place and a friend recommended it to her. All I can say when I first walked in was…wow…I’m going to need to sell my kidney tonight to pay for this.


The crepes were expensive! We looked at the menu and the crepes ranged anywhere from $5 to $10 for the Royal. I haven’t tried many crepes in my life, so I told myself, “screw it, I don’t need both kidneys”, and went ahead and ordered the Royal. The Royal has strawberries, bananas, and Nutella for it’s filling. We also decided to get a scoop of ice cream with it because ice cream makes anything better….yes it does. The total came out to be $10.92 0_0…I wanted to cry.

When it came out, we noticed it was very thick. When we tried cutting into it, it was very rubbery and hard to cut through. For the most part, it has the thickness of almost something resembling pancakes. The batter is very thick. The other thing about this crepe is that it’s filled with Nutella…I take that back…jammed pack with Nutella…I take that back…nuclear bomb setting packed with nutella. It was basically eating a chocolate crepe with some fruits thrown in there. To be honest, it was too much, but it was also Nutella, you can’t go wrong with Nutella and ice cream.

After we finished our crepe, we realized it has some shortcomings…mainly the price. The crepe itself was okay, I mean I wouldn’t mind eating it again, but the crepe is just too rubbery to cut, and very thick. As for the fruits, it was fresh enough and sweet, and I would be able to taste it more if I hadn’t had to swallow 2 cups of Nutella per bite. What’s really going to make us think twice again before we come here is obviously the price. It is way too expensive for a crepe. It averages about $2 more then your average crepe for something that is just plain mediocre. I honestly believe the crepes are this expensive because of the location of where it’s at. It’s Irvine and they charge a premium for their rental fees, no wonder the prices are so high. It also has the unfortunate fate of being next to 85 degrees, which lines have overflowed past their doors before. I do feel bad for the owner, she seems nice enough, but if you see other people coming in behind you and saying, “DAMN IT’S EXPENSIVE!” when the owner is standing right there, you got to do something about the prices, or people….like us…won’t be coming back.

P.S. I’m doing okay with one kidney…I’ll update if need be 🙂


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “Crepes De Paris: Nutella Gone Mad”

  1. For the best Crepe in the world you have to go to la Creperie in Long Beach, prices are around 7-10 and its bomb there, plus there is free music and nice atmosphere.

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