Sushi Kinoya: A Diamond in the Rough

5521 E. Sterns St.
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 598-8169

I’m not exactly sure how to rate this place. They definitely had good offerings of different rolls, but they also had a few short comings as well.


Let’s start out with the bad so we can just get that portion out of the way. The bad? Well, it’s any roll that has the word crazy in front of it. They basically deep fry the entire roll in batter, which is common nowadays at different sushi establishments…but they just don’t really know how to do it here. The batter is way too thick, don’t bother with it. The other thing is that the crunch roll is really mediocre here. I’ve had a lot better elsewhere. Even though crunch rolls are not considered authentic sushi, I always try to eat at restaurants with the proper perspective based on what the restaurant is offering. I don’t mind if the food is authentic or not, as long as it’s good, I’m on board. However, the crunch roll here is eh at best.


The eel roll here was actually descent compared to most places, it didn’t have such a strong fish taste as I’m use to. I don’t particularly like eel, but I guess I’ll eat it here.


SOO…the best roll here is the popcorn lobster roll. It was amazing. The pieces of lobster was fried to perfection. The batter was light and crispy and the roll was very good. If you do come here, I highly recommend this roll. The next roll behind this one would have to be the philadelphia roll. NOW, I’m not a big cream cheese in sushi fan, but this roll was actually very delectable. The salmon on top of the roll was VERY fresh. It was glistening under the luminescent lighting and was very tender. It literally melts in your mouth.


The final tally at the night was around $100 dollars with each roll being around $8 to $9 dollars, but there was about 6 ppl there, so we split the entire bill…so it wasn’t too bad since we were able to try a lot of the different rolls out.

If you were ever in the neighborhood, I would suggest stopping by


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 18, 2009.

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