Sushi Asahi: The David to Joe’s Goliath


2955 Van Buren Blvd #D2
Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 637-1313

Oh my goodness, Joe’s Sushi…you got a battle of on your hands. I have tried many…many…all you can eat sushi joints and by far none has been able to duke it out with Joe’s, but do I dare say that one has emerged?


Sushi Asahi was a delightful surprise. The pictures made the place looked worthy, but I didn’t want to judge ahead of time as I have looked at pictures before only to be disappointed when I arrive to dine. This place, however, was a different story.


We made the 40 minute journey out to Riverside to try this place, so we were hoping for good food, and boy did we get it.


We decided to order the Hawaiian Roll, which is tuna on top of a california roll with Ponzu sauce. All I have to say is, this is by far THE BEST roll at this place. Not only is the tuna more fresh then Joe’s Sushi, the roll itself was more fresh. The avocado literally melted in my mouth. The rice was a perfect texture and and the roll was not overfilled with crab meat. It was so good, we ended up ordering another roll toward the end, even when we were about to explode.


The next wonderful roll to get here is the asahi roll, which is basically a crunch roll topped with spicy tuna and various other sauces. It was also very good. It is heavy on the sauces, but I thought it complimented the roll fine. I also ordered another order of this towards the end, because I think it was a perfect balance of all the ingredients.


If you’re an avocado fan, make sure you try the Super Mexican Roll. Again, super fresh Avocado and the California roll was just perfect. The Philadelphia Roll was also a hit. I’m not much of a cream cheese with sushi fan, but this place puts the right amount and definitely made the experience very enjoyable.


Overall, I have to say this place has many rolls that definitely puts it a notch above Joe’s. The rolls are refreshing and the ingredients even fresher. However, Joe’s has something Sushi Asahi doesn’t have, which is the TNT Roll and the Joe’s Special Roll. Not to mention Joe’s Crunch Roll is also done a lot better and more simple.

The other rolls that we tried, including the shrimp boat roll and the Golden Tiger Roll, or even the Honeymoon roll were all good, not the best, but definitely still good. These mediocre rolls are even better then some of the best rolls at other joints, so this is saying a lot.

SO WHO’S BETTER? I say they are both ON PAR, maybe SUSHI ASAHI has a leg up on Joe’s…”GASP!” 0_0…I know…I know…people thought they couldn’t pry me away from Joe’s, but I have to admit, the ingredients are just more fresh at Sushi Asahi. There is no arguing that case. Honestly, if these two restaurants were right next to each other, I have to admit I would definitely go to Sushi Asahi more often, with Joe’s sparingly.

So Joe’s…you are lucky Sushi Asahi is all the way in Riverside, because if it wasn’t, you’d be facing a lot of stiff competition.

Don’t let the distance deter you from trying this place…the drive is well worth the experience, trust me.


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 19, 2009.

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