Gaja Japanese Restaurant: Okonomiyaki Heaven…but you got to work to get there


2383 Lomita Blvd.
Suite 102
Lomita, CA 90717

Making your own okonomiyaki in Southern California? We’re DOWN!! I’m always on a quest to find this decadent offering that the Japanese people enjoy for their comfort cravings.


The only problem is, there are very few places that offer it, and even worst, the few places that do offer it don’t really do a good job either.


We found this place yelping around different cities and we made a day out of it. However, at Gaja, you got to work to be in heaven.


When we walked in, it looked like Fukada, but unlike our experience at Fukada, we think this place lives up to the hype. Not only that, you get to make your own!! Okay, technically we would have preferred if someone made it for us since we’re lazy, but the process wasn’t all too hard and was sort of fun!


We ordered the spicy mayo chicken first as an appetizer and man was that thing greasy. It was good, but I think a little on the greasy side. The spicy mayo wasn’t at all thought how it would taste. I thought it would impart a tangy taste, but it was actually just spicy with a mayo taste. Good, but I wish it had more of a complex flavor to it. The chicken itself was moist, but then again, its dark meat, so it was suppose to be that way. Try it if you are still hungry after the okonomiyaki, or else just skip it altogether as the overall dish is just average.


NOW on to the okonomiyaki. I will just say right now, if you want hardy okonomiyaki in it’s truest form as a comfort offering, come here. Not only is the batter dense and filling (it almost made Julie’s stomach exploded), it was good and easy to make.


We ordered both the Modan and the Beef Okonomiyaki. It came out in two bowls, all we had to do was mix and cook. The modan, however, required a little bit more work. You had to cook the meat, then the noodles, then the batter last. It’s a little more work, but I think it’s worth it as the yakisoba noodles definitely add to the dish.


The modan was delectable and delicious. I wish they gave us more noodles, but I guess the amount we had was okay too. We cooked the okonomiyaki a little bit longer then we were suppose to, so it was kind of dry for the Modan, but the beef one turned out great. Good moisture in the middle and perfect amount of seasoning. We definitely recommend the Modan if you come here, you won’t be disappointed…just don’t over cook it or the middle is going to be a little dry.


Overall, if you want a good experience and learn how to cook what is essentially soul food of Japan, come here, you’ll thank us. I also wanted to mention that you can also ask the servers to cook it for you if you want, but I think you’d be missing out on the experience. You definitely want to take the stairs to heaven on this experience. The price also is a little on the pricey end. $16 for okonomiyaki is very high just for batter, cabbage, and some meat. However, with this place only being the decent one around Southern California, I’m not surprised for the premium pricing. If you want something cheaper, try the okonomiyaki at Genki Living, still a good alternative.


P.S. Don’t over eat, you can contact Julie personally if you want to find out how being bloated is like for 3 hours 🙂


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One Response to “Gaja Japanese Restaurant: Okonomiyaki Heaven…but you got to work to get there”

  1. Ahhh.. I have so been wanting to come here and try it out. It looks really good. I hope it was worth it, Julie!

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