Maru Sushi: Avoid like the Plague…well maybe more like the cold


15362 Goldenwest St
Westminster CA, 92683
(714) 373-4443

What can I say about a place that ends our dinner with fishy tasting “lobster?” Our adventure to Maru Sushi started out with a random craving for sushi, which led to yelp, which led us here. This place was all you can eat and that was a big motivator as we’re poor students and we were starving. We saw some photos on yelp and it looked awesome. Boy did the pictures fool us.


We got there and the waitress was nice enough to seat us right away. We ordered the crunchy spider roll first. The roll was actually their best offering as I think Maru tends to add spicy tuna to too many of their other rolls, which is a big turn off for me because I don’t like spicy tuna that much and over half their rolls, their fillings are spicy tuna. This roll, however, didn’t have spicy tuna, just your regular crab filling.


Then we moved on to the spicy crunchy roll. The spicy tuna was again too much. The crunch itself was kind of mediocre. I wish they put more panko crumbs or at least be a little more crunchy. The texture of the rice was also very soft. Felt like the rice was lying around all day.


Another roll that is also worth mentioning is the TNT roll. It was ok to good. The avocado sauce that they used tasted more towards the sour end, not a delightful surprise. The tempura was actually crispy, but other places have better fried shrimp, its just the breading is a little off, not crispy enough….but it’s not to say its soggy or anything.

With all the rolls so far being very mediocre, we were hoping the baked lobster roll would be a pleasant surprise. When it came, Julie looked very happy, and she wanted to take a taste of the baked lobster. She then looked at me with a very unpleasant look, and I knew that my P.I.C. (Partner in Crime) was warning me. I should have taken her look a little more serious as I decided to try it anyway even though she told me she thought the lobster wasn’t good. When I ate it….I finally knew why. I almost spit the baked lobster and roll back out. The lobster tasted VERY FISHY. It tasted like Maru had it in the freezer for a week, took it out, microwaved it and gave it to us…it almost tasted like it was spoiled, but I can’t be certain. Only thing that was certain was that it wasn’t edible. It was so rancid, we basically put the roll in a plastic bag and put it in Julie’s bag to throw away later (they charge for leftovers and we didn’t want to take the chance and be charged for it, so we decided not to complain and just let it be).

Needless to say, we lost our appetite and asked for the check afterwards, and just left. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be coming back at all.


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maru Sushi: Avoid like the Plague…well maybe more like the cold”

  1. I recently went to Maru sushi, and I thought that the rice tasted old also and that the sushi wasn’t fresh either. They had lots of food that were pre-wrapped and actually baked/cooked food in a little black and decker toaster oven. Service is really slow even though it was pretty dead there.

  2. My buddy likes this place a lot and tries to get me to go but he’s a sushi NOOB to the max. I find the term ‘all you can eat sushi’ to be ironic and unappetizing anyway. If you don’t like this place you won’t like Ebisu. Slow service, mediocre food at best and slow service.

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