Tomo Sushi: A Good Running Start…But They Need to Pick Up the Pace


24338 El Toro Rd
Laguna Woods, CA 92637
(949) 462-0855

To date, we haven’t found a sushi joint that is as good of an All-You-Can-Eat deal as Joe’s or Sushi Asahi.  For example, Joe’s has us as loyal, returning customers on their list. The bad? It’s all the way in Buena Park! That’s talking about a 35 min drive from Irvine just to get sushi. And so our search for a closer All-You-Can-Eat sushi place continues! After an extensive search for another sushi joint that had a good AYCE deal and was closer to Irvine than Joe’s, Tomo Sushi was discovered and we decided to brave the waters for a new AYCE sushi place. Not knowing the area well at all, the place was a bit hard to find because Laguna Woods has look-alike plazas everywhere (sound familiar?) and the restaurant is rather small. Another little tidbit about Laguna Woods is that almost every stoplight has a camera on it, so this is definitely not to place to run that red light.


However, despite not being as good as Joe’s I still had a good time there and I thought the food was pretty good.

We tried the crunch roll and it was your basic crunch roll. No frills and tasted much like any other place. We also ordered something called the Oishi Roll, which was basically crab wrapped around cucumber. I’m not much of a cucumber fan, but I didn’t mind it. The scallop tempura roll was also a very good roll to consider when coming here, it’s one of their better rolls.


The last thing to take into consideration is that some of their rolls are blocked off from the AYCE pricing, so make sure what you want to try is apart of the deal.

Overall, the place wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t super good either. It was good enough to satisfy our cravings and maybe another visit when we come back. There is much to improve on, but despite that we still had a good time.

One last thing to note about this place is that you can grab markers and draw on the wall. We drew something on the far right corner at the top, next time you guys are there, just look for the word Twink and you’ll know it’s ours 🙂


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 28, 2009.

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