A & J Restaurant: Taiwanese Comfort on a Plate


14805 Jeffrey Rd, Suite D
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 786-3585

Finally an authentic place in Irvine that serves good Taiwanese comfort food! There is just something endearing about the waitresses here who all assume that everyone who is Asian speaks Chinese. If you don’t speak Chinese, not to worry-they also have an English menu. Prices here are very fair, and the portions are just right to keep you from being hungry.

Now onto the food. First off, this place’s spicy beef noodle soup is what everyone comes for and A & J serves it perfectly. The beef is tender but not chewy Of course, they probably put MSG in it, but there is no doubt that this will still bring a sense of nostalgia reminding you of one of the dishes your mom probably used to cook (those of you who are Chinese).


One of their other items on their menu that should definitely be tried are their spicy wontons. It’s nothing too fancy, just a small bowl of wontons swimming in wading in chili oil but it hits the spot for a small appetizer. Other notable dishes are their peanut noodles, green onion pancake, and minced meat over rice. Beware though, the minced meat over rice is quite oily and you may feel the need to work out right after you consume it.

All in all, this place isn’t fancy and by all means isn’t one of those “you gotta try it” places but for what it is, it’s still an awesome find in Irvine. If you’re in the Cupertino area, there is also an A & J located there that is just as authentic as the one in Irvine. Only difference is that the service at the Irvine location is better. So if you’re missing your mom’s cooking or you’re just craving some real Taiwanese food, stop by A & J’s.

It’s next to Yogurtland so you can get dessert afterwards =).


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 1, 2009.

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