Daikokuya: Could You Upgrade Your Noodles Please?


2975 Harbor Blvd, Suite 5
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 436-0151


Here is Marukai’s attempt to take after Mitsuwa Marketplace. Only difference is that Daikokuya doesn’t have to worry about competition from other ramen joints in the supermarket because it’s the only one there. Like Santouka, the feel of this ramen restaurant is also that of a fast food joint-you go up to the counter, they take your order, and then they call your number when your order is ready. Daikokuya cuts your decision-making time down even more so than Santouka because they only offer two choices: ramen or fried rice.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, Vy and I had pretty high expectations of this place and you can thank Yelp! reviews for that. We were expecting something at least just as good as Shin Sen Gumi. I can’t help but judge how good will the ramen be when the food court is dead and when there’s only two items offered on the menu. Lucky for Daikokuya though, it’s still a decent pick for ramen if you’re in the area.

For $8.50 a person, Daikokuya’s ramen has bean sprouts, a few pieces of meat, and a salted egg. That’s normal. What wasn’t normal was the salted egg. It was very obvious that the egg had been boiled earlier in the day and put in the fridge only to be peeled right before being served. The entire egg was it cold and the yolk was really dry. Not a good mix with the steamy broth. At least the broth was decent. Definitely not as complex as Shin’s and personally, I found it a bit on the lighter side, but at best it’s decent.

The main qualm Vy and I had about Daikokuya’s ramen was their noodles. By all means, the noodles weren’t bad or anything but it’s just that we have a very particular liking for the noodles at Shin Sen Gumi. We simply like our noodles thin and normal-firm; Daikokuya’s noodles just weren’t exactly what we were looking for.

Like any other ramen place we try, our question will always be “How does it compare with Shin Sen Gumi?” Of the ramen places we’ve ranked so far (Shin Sen Gumi and Santouka), I’d say Daikokuya gets the bronze medal by default because we’ve only tried 3 places. It’s definitely not on par with Shin Sen Gumi and Santouka, but it’s probably the best bet for ramen if you happen to be in the area.



~ by thankgoditsfood on July 5, 2009.

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