Old Port Lobster Shack: Seafood without the Sea


851 Veterans Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 366-2400

Since moving back to San Jose, trying new places just hasn’t been the same without my partner in crime, Vy :(. I got lucky with this place because a friend of mine (who is also a fellow foodie) was in town for the weekend and he suggested trying this restaurant since one of his friends said their lobster rolls were to die for. After a 30 minute drive from where we lived, we arrived at Old Port Lobster Shack.


 Hidden away in a suburb, this little lobster shack looked like it belonged somewhere in Pier 39 rather than here. However, if you’re craving that lobster roll and a pier is too far out of reach, then this is the next best offer. Service is quick and friendly: you order at the counter and they’ll bring it to you at your table when your food is ready. 


For almost $20 for one lobster roll (other non-lobster rolls cost a bit less), we thought it’d be most worth our money to order the Double Play Lobster Roll so we could try sample more than one roll. We also decided to get their clam chowder on the side and make it a combo.

Clam chowder here is the perfect amount of creaminess (sp?). Not too watery and not too thick. However, don’t expect this clam chowder to be stocked up on clams and other whatnots like how they do it in San Francisco. But it’s okay, the clam chowder isn’t the highlight of this place anyway :p.


Now the lobster rolls were surprisingly more refreshing than I had expected. For our “Double Play” order we decided to go with the Maine Lobster Roll and the Naked Lobster Roll and split each in half. Since a pier is nowhere to be seen near this little shack, I was half expecting the lobster meat to be dry and the rolls to be slathered with mayo.

I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into the Maine Roll. No fishy taste and the mayo was not overwhelming. The lobster meat was tender and the bread offered an almost savory complement to the seafood-salad-like texture of the filling. For me, the idea of a sandwich with lobster in it is still quite a novel experience so I was glad there were other ingredients in the roll to compliment the lobster’s flavor. This roll definitely hit the spot as a refreshing bite to eat on a perfect day outdoors.

IMG_2123aAs for the Naked Roll, if you really like the authentic taste of lobster then you might like this roll more. Of course you can’t compare the freshness of this with the F.O.S (fresh out of the sea) lobster from places like Puerto Nuevo or Boston, but it’s good enough I suppose. I’m still a bigger fan of the Maine Lobster Roll for the less seafood-y sandwich taste.


So is it worth the 30 minute drive from San Jose for basically an $18+ sandwich? I’d say, if you’re adventurous/bored and possibly rolling in money, then by all means go for it. I’m not gonna lie, my wallet cried after eating here haha. However, I’d still take friends out here for lunch if they’re in the mood to try something different.


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Old Port Lobster Shack: Seafood without the Sea”

  1. parnter in crime…oh julie..hah =) looks yummy and expensive!

  2. MMMmmm.. Lobster! The filet mignon of the ocean. Thanks for eating with me

  3. Nice pictures, btw!

    • Thanks! And thanks for introducing me to that place =). A 30 minute drive w/o AC is definitely memorable as well 😉

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