Thai Ritz Cuisine: What Ritz?


2700 Alton Pkwy
Suite 141
Irvine, CA 92606

After my graduation ceremony I had wanted to take my family to try Capital Seafood in Diamond Plaza, however after seeing how long the wait would be we opted for Thai Ritz Cuisine in the same plaza because we were already starving and there was no wait there. I should have known better-a Thai restaurant called Thai Ritz Cuisine?? Now I know why even my Thai roommate steered clear from that place.

First of all, when my family and I went into the restaurant nobody bothered to acknowledge us and give us a table, so we proceeded to seat ourselves. The menu was rather pricey, but the local Thai place near my house is pricey too, so it may just be a Thai restaurant thing.

IMG_1954a IMG_1955a IMG_1957a

However, what I can’t forgive is how the food tasted. We ordered a pad thai, another noodle dish, a rice dish and some seafood noodle soup. Reason I don’t bother listing exactly what else we ordered: 1) Can’t remember what they were called; not taking a photo of the menu doesn’t help and 2) I could barely distinguish the taste of one dish versus another. Other than the soup, the rest of the three dishes were all too sweet and oily. It was as if they dumped half a cup of sugar into each of those dishes. Yea, I know thai dishes are, to some extent, sweet, but the dishes at Thai Ritz just went overboard.

I’m sorely disappointed in this place. One of the few places in Irvine that offers thai food and this place managed to mess it up. Sorry Thai Ritz, you didn’t have enough ritz to impress.


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “Thai Ritz Cuisine: What Ritz?”

  1. Hey Vy, there’s a decent thai place on Barranca if you’re interested (im ridiculously picky about Thai food and I think its pretty good). It’s called Thai Kitchen I believe, its in a strip mall next to a pizza place, haha.

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