Luc Dinh Ky: No Thanks, I Rather Not Risk My Health


9600 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 775-8811

I have no idea where to begin lol. I don’t think I have one single good thing to say about this place. It’s a restaurant that is nestled in the middle of Bolsa that serves up supposive Chinese food. My sister suggested it, and when I saw the menu, I figured this was going to be very good, or very gross. Well everyone, it’s the latter. Before you say I’m being harsh, I dare you to go try their food…but even then, I don’t wish such bad things on anyone.


I ordered Wonton BBQ Pork Egg Noodle soup. A Cantonese staple and one I’m very well accustomed to eating. If you see the picture above, all you can see is some type of onion that Vietnamese people use in their dishes. I thought I ordered NOODLE soup, not onion soup. I don’t really recall authentic Wonton Noodle soup having this onion in it either. However, if this is their thing and they are catering to the Vietnamese demographic, then it’s fine, I just think it tastes awful with the noodles.

The onions took up half the bowl, and they gave me about maybe a handful and a half of noodles…not filling at all. The pork…well…there wasn’t much. When I took a bite of the BBQ pork, it was pretty dry. I mean, it’s a bad sign when your pork is in a soup broth and it’s dry. The last draw was the wonton. Usually wontons are ground pork, shrimp, or some other combination of meat grounded and wrapped in the wonton skin. They put ground pork and an entire shrimp in it WITH the tail. Talk about a weird surprise and an awkward texture. I didn’t really mind that though. What I did mind was that the wonton was cold in the middle. VERY COLD. Therefore, which leads me to believe they boiled a bunch of these and left them outside until someone ordered them, and basically threw it in your soup bowl. I’m pretty sure leaving food out has to be some sort of health cold violation…more on this later. The last thing I noticed about these noodles…where is the sesame oil in the broth? Everyone who knows Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup knows that fresh sesame oil is a main component of the dish and very important. This dish didn’t even have a hint of it in it. I can make Wonton Noodle soup with a can of chicken broth and egg noodles better tasting then this place, and I’m not that good at cooking Chinese food either.


My mom had Hainan Chicken, again, disgusting. The rice had no ginger flavor nor did it have any indication that it was cooked with chicken broth, A MUST in this traditional Chinese dish. My mom makes this 1500000 x’s better at home. What made the dish even more disgusting was that this green ginger puree that they put ALL OVER the dish. It basically felt like you were eating spoonfuls of pure ginger. Ginger is suppose to accompany the dish and be a subtle background (with an emphasis on background) flavor!!! Major thumbs down!

My sister had a similar bowl of soup like mine, so I can already figure how bad it was going to taste, so I didn’t try it. My dad’s fried rice was eh at best. You can make better fried rice at home, but it wasn’t bad either…I guess if you had a pistol towards your head and was forced to eat here, then I guess this is what you COULD get, but honestly, I rather just get shot lol.

So to recap…this place is atrocious. Why spend your hard earned cash at such an offensive place to eat at? I was surprised to even believe a place like this could even still be in business. The only way this place is going to close down is due to health code violations…which according to the OC register (article at the bottom) in 2007, Luc Dinh Ky had the most major health code violations in Orange County, 34 to be exact. On a separate occasion, health inspectors even closed the place down for a few days for a backed up sewage line that flooded the kitchen into the food prep area. Complaints also range from utensils encrusted with god knows what and for how long. They said it was so bad, the utensils had to be destroyed before their permit can be reinstated. The health inspector goes on to say that even after they force the owners to clean up the place before they could reopen, the next month after the health inspectors returned, the place committed another 18 violations separate from the previous 34.

The main point, DON”T EAT HERE. Why even risk your health and be sick with food that is offensive to your colon. I’m pretty sure no one wants hepatitis. I’m pretty simple to please and I’m not a picky eater. I’ll eat anything, anywhere. However, there’s also good food and bad food. I’m not sure what category is after bad but this place accentuates that category very well.


~ by thankgoditsfood on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Luc Dinh Ky: No Thanks, I Rather Not Risk My Health”

  1. wow first bad comment i heard from you kids, mostly likely vy huh. hah come to alhambra ill take you to eat good chinese food ha

  2. I saw this post and had to laugh. It reminded of the time my co-worker took me to this exact restaurant about two years ago. At the time, I ordered the special and thought it was ok. But after we got back from our lunch, he sent the exact same URL from the ocregister about the health violations. Boy was I pissed. Crude joke.

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