Introducing New Food Segments to TGIF!!


Hi everyone!! I just want to say that Julie and I are ecstatic at how fast this blog is growing! We get lots of viewers each day and the blog continues to see more traffic not just from newly devoted viewers, but from search engines all over the web.

Taking this into account, Julie and I have talked about different ideas on how to expand this blog to include all types of interests that our many viewers might have. We have decided to introduce several new and exciting segments that not only talk about dining, but also what else is out there besides a waiter to serve you. Not only will we include our restaurant reviews (don’t worry, we’ll still visit many many more restaurants), but we’ll start talking about other facets of food and how they revolve around our lives. We hope that this broadens the appeal of our blog to the many forthcoming visitors and that it also shows our current, loyal readers that TGIF is really….really… all about different types of food.

So you’re wondering, what are the new segments and additions to our blog? Take a look at some of the forthcoming topics!!


OK…Julie and I aren’t made of money, and contrary to most belief, we don’t eat out everyday. We eat out once a week when we can or in the same area, but sometimes, we’re just flat out broke. This is where the culinary experience comes in!! Food that Julie and I make and recipes that we’ll provide. We have many great dishes to share that are sure to please.


HEY! Good food comes at the grocery store too!!! This segment is simple, we’ll tell you what’s good at the super market and worth your money. We’ll keep an eye out for things that aren’t necessarily known by many and share it with you all.


Let’s face it, we’re all getting fatter and fatter because of the food choices we make. However, sometimes its not our fault, and what we think is healthy…well…is actually not. False advertising has definitely contributed to weight gain in this country, but we’ll definitely put this to a stop! Based on the reviews we do, a lot of people may think that we may not be health conscious, but Julie and I are, to a certain extent, cautious about what we eat. I think sometimes I eat way more healthy than Julie though 🙂 Either or, we’ll provide you guys with ideas on what to eat to stay healthy and fit!

There’s a preview of some of the new segments that we will be introducing to our blog in the coming months…so stay tuned everyone!! Thanks for everything and for making this blog grow so much within the past several months!! Spread the word guys!!!


~ by thankgoditsfood on August 10, 2009.

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