Nature’s Path: Smart Bran Psyllium & Oatbran


Hey everyone and thanks for joining us again here at TGIF! This is the first post dedicated to our new segment The Health Nut Corner!

This new segment is dedicated to highlighting food items that are healthy and good for you (and you may shed a few pounds while your at it)! We’ll also provide information on how these foods affect your health and how you can benefit from them in your daily lives.

Before I introduce the first food item to this segment, I’ll give you guys a little bit of a background. I started getting serious about my health back in high school when I played tennis and basketball. My coaches told me I had to eat the proper nutrition if I want to perform better. I would always walk into practice with a burger in my hand…can you blame me?! I was thoroughly enjoying Taco Bell and Jack in the Box on a daily basis haha…oh and the local mexican eateries were good too. However, I notice eating healthier definitely translated to better results out on the court…so the change in my lifestyle began.

Fast forward to my second year in college and boom…I started eating out a lot again. I was already working out on a regular basis, but I had the crazy idea to really push my body and do a marathon, which was 26.2 miles of grueling pain (I’m just weak lol). I realize it was a monumental task to say the least. Needless to say…the intense training forced me to research (sometimes eating a burger in one hand and clicking the mouse with the other) more about proper nutrition and how to get the necessary nutrients my body needs to stay healthy and perform at a high level. Through trial and error, I’ve established a good knowledge base for what to eat and what to enjoy in moderation…so let’s get going!

Today I introduce you guys to Nature’s Path: Smart Bran Psyllium & Oatbran.

So what’s so good about this?

It has 13 grams of fiber for every 2/3 cup serving, that’s half of your day’s required needs of fiber!! Ok you guys are probably have no idea what the daily requirement is haha, but its about 25-30 grams. This cereal has an astronomical amount of fiber per serving. Fiber is necessary for proper digestion within your intestine to allow for the proper passage of food and to provide health for your digestive tract, which is very very important. No one wants to be constipated. The other important reason to eat this in the morning is because fiber has the effect of keeping you full…so if you eat this…you’ll actually stay full until lunch so you don’t have to snack on candy inbetween…I eat candy sometimes in the morning, shhhh haha. Keeping you full longer means you’re less likely to stuff your face with other sugary laden foods, so it’ll help you lose weight also 🙂

What’s the catch?

With anything that is usually full of fiber, it tastes like cardboard hahahaha. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it does. However, if you want this to taste a little bit better, you can add fruits such as bananas and strawberry. You can even mix this in with your other favorite sugary cereals, either or, you’re getting half your day’s need of fiber (around 25-30 grams). The other draw back is you can possibly eat too much of this and it can have a negative effect. Too much fiber can interfere with proper absorption of nutrients, so I suggest just eating the recommended serving of 2/3 of a cup, nothing more.

Give it a try. Usually with anything healthy it takes time to get use to the taste, but the health benefits in this product are wonderful. If it really tastes that bad…suck it up jk…but, I’ll have an alternative cereal for you guys soon, until then, bon apetit!


~ by thankgoditsfood on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “Nature’s Path: Smart Bran Psyllium & Oatbran”

  1. Hi Cousin,

    I just found out about your food blog. Great work and keep on eating healthy. As for me, I will head over to In-n-Out to grab a burger just to spite you! Hahah

    Your favorite cousin,

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