Pho Ben Thanh: Not Bad Ben, Not Bad…


15348 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 898-6404

I usually don’t eat pho outside my own house as I think my mom has perfected her recipe down to the last grain of seasoning.  This is not to say I don’t enjoy pho outside the house…it’s just easier to not have to drive to get some.

My parents were lazy to cook and they were craving vietnamese pho, so they decided to try out Pho Ben Thanh, one of the few vietnamese pho houses that actually has a reputation for being clean and tidy.  I always get the beef brisket pho (at least that’s the type of beef this bowl comes with) because this type of pho is the standard by which I judge all pho places.  To my surprise, they actually gave a lot of meat, a rare action when you go out to a restaurant for pho.  The broth, however, had more to be desired.  There was definitely more room for seasoning.  It just tasted a little too salty to me, which leads me to believe they might have added a little too much MSG.

This is the main reason why I don’t really eat pho outside my own house as my mom doesn’t use MSG in her recipe.  Julie has been a “mom” convert and definitely wishes she lived closer for my mom’s version of pho.

Ben Thanh does offer generous amounts of noodle and meat for their pho bowls, so definitely a welcome addition.  I would still recommend this place over most other places down in westminster, just make sure to drink a lot of water afterwards.  :/


~ by thankgoditsfood on August 28, 2009.

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