A Slice of New York: Move Over Pizza Hut


3443 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117
(408) 247-5423

Since neither Vy nor I will be going to New York anytime soon, this little joint was something we were looking forward to as a second best substitue. New York style pizza is characterized as being wide, thin slices that are foldable-accommodating the busy New York lifestyle of being on the go. I can’t say that I’ve had actual New York style pizza before, so I can’t compare it to the actual thing. It probably isn’t exactly the same, but from what other people have said, it’s the closest you can get in the heart of San Jose. What I CAN say about this place is that I really liked it.


A slice here is a little over $3. To me and Vy, three dollars for a slice of pizza is slightly on the pricey side. We decided to split a slice as a snack and eat something later for a real meal. Many on Yelp! suggested that their Tomato Basil flavor pizza was pretty good and that’s what we ended up settling on. True to what New York style pizza is all about, the pizza here is paper thin with a crispy crust. As for the taste, all that I can say was that I thought it was good. None of that old, stiff cheese business, but nicely melted cheese complimented with sweet tomato and basil. Vy liked it as well, but he prefers the thicker Chicage-style pizza more. I personally don’t mind this style of pizza because I don’t enjoy pizza (crust) that is too doughy, which can happen on some thicker styles.

Other than how the pizza tastes, there are some other things to note about this little joint. First off, parking (…what parking?) is minimal. There’s probably like 5 spots available in a strip in front of the place and it doesn’t help that this joint is on a busy street. Vy and I ended up parking at the Jack in the Box parking lot next door. Also, A Slice of New York is quite out of place, being sandwiched between a mattress store and a surplus store. If you were looking for a sit-down restaurant, this will not do for you either. There’s limited seating inside (maybe like 3-5 seats against the wall) and outside there’s one or two small tables and a few plastic chairs. Clearly this place is meant for a quick bite to eat.


Inside, the owners have decked out the place in an effort to give it a feel of the Big Apple. I like that this joint has photos of the progress and renovations it has gone through to become as popular as it is today. If you’re on the way to the nearby mall, this little joint makes a good choice for a quick bite to eat without the push-and-shove of the food court, if you know what I mean. Go ahead and come take a nibble of the Big Apple :).


~ by thankgoditsfood on August 29, 2009.

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