Sonoma Chicken Coop: There’s Something for Everyone


200 E. Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 866-2699

We figured since Sonoma Chicken Coop is such a big restaurant with such a varied menu, we’ll both contribute to this post and try our best to give you our experience at this joint…plus Julie has been there multiple times, so she knows this place like the back of her ankle.

Julie’s Take

Sonoma Chicken Coop is one of my favorite family restaurants. The atmosphere kind of reminds me of Cheesecake Factory except that the style of ordering food is completely different. You go order at the cashier, pay, seat yourself, and when your food is ready, your buzzer will go off and you go pick your food up. It is quite self-serve. While the ordering style is very casual, like Vy says, the overall quality of the food is worth your money.


First thing you’ll notice about the food, is that the servings are big. Everyone in our group ordered their own item and we ended up having leftovers for nearly everything. I ordered a half-“Roost-tisserie” chicken glazed with Coop Au Vin sauce (red wine sauce with pearl onions). Yea, I know, I’m a fattie. This always happens; I think I’m super hungry so I order a lot, but halfway through eating, I realize that I bit off more than I could chew. Anyway, the chicken was made very well. Unlike some other places where you can only taste the sauce closer to the surface of the chicken, the flavor for the chicken at Sonoma definitely seeped through. The meat of the chicken was tender all around, even the white meat. Sonoma offers three sauces for their rotisserie chicken; I’ve also had the opportunity to try their Warm Lemon Vinaigrette glaze (Virgin olive oil with capers, herbs, crushed lemons & garlic). Again, this style of chicken is also made very well. However, if you like your chicken more juicy, I’d go with the Coop Au Vin sauce.


On another occasion of eating at Sonoma Chicken Coop in the past, I’ve also had their Fried Calamari and Cheese Quesadilla. Although, I’ve always held Sonoma in high-esteem, these two items would probably not be things I would order again. First off, even though they got the seasoning for the fried calamari right, they cut their pieces too large. It became more of a chore to chew the pieces rather than a joy.

As for the cheese quesadilla, I was even more disappointed. The quesadilla, with Monterey Jack Cheese, was really bland and the tortillas used tasted like the store-bought ones. Since I am a big fan of well-flavored sauces and toppings to go with my quesadillas, I’d say their salsa could also use improvement. All I could taste was tomato. Maybe next time I’ll just stick with their main entrees rather than trying their appetizers. All in all, Sonoma Chicken Coop is a great place that has something for everyone.

Vy’s Take

I’ve only been to Sonoma Chicken Coop once and it was during my visit up North awhile back.  Julie was always telling me how even though this place doesn’t serve up “super grade A” dishes, it’s still good overall in it’s entirety, and I have to say I agree for the most part.


Sonoma Chicken Coop doesn’t really serve anything that is eye catching or new (except maybe the people that hang out at the front), but what it does serve, it serves well enough.  The night that we came here, Julie’s family came along as well…with the ensuing 21 questions from the father….jk.  We all got to sample all the different types of food that was ordered that night.  The dishes that were ordered included BBQ Chicken Calzone, 1/2 of a whole chicken with a brown glazed sauce (Julie’s a fatty), Chicken Cabonarra, a salmon dish with rice and a sauce because I can’t remember the exact name, and my order of a grilled chicken pesto pizza.


I got to sample the salmon dish, the 1/2 roasted chicken (again Julie is a fatty), and the pesto chicken pizza.  Julie can give you a description of how her chicken tasted and I’ll let you know about the salmon and the pizza.  I have to honestly say the salmon was good, but the rice that came with it tasted water-logged.  I’m sure Popeye wouldn’t like it if his spinach wasn’t made to his order, and since I’m Chinese, I know my rice.  Eh…I say skip this dish.  As for the pesto pizza…it was good!  I’ve had better pesto pizza, but this one still rates up there.  I thought the crust tasted too much like ready-made supermarket pizza crust, but as for the toppings, they were wonderfully good.  Chicken was tender and the pesto was on point.

If you are around Campbell and have no idea what to eat, this place serves up all sorts of traditional American food and has a little something for everyone.  You even get to meet a really cool old guy at the front that gives you your menus…that I call…awesome 🙂


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2 Responses to “Sonoma Chicken Coop: There’s Something for Everyone”

  1. Thanks for the great review. As the founder of Sonoma Chicken Coop, I value each and every persons thoughts and opinions about my restaurant. I was hoping that would have tried some of our desserts. I know you would have loved them.

    As far as our comments about the calamari and the quesadilla, I would have to agree with one of the comments, but disagree with the other. We are in the process of updated our “bar menu” and the quesadillas are on the top of my list for upgrading and improving. As far as the calamari goes, I probably get more positive comments about our calamari than most every other dish on the menu. I would love to have you come back and retry the calamari and also a few of the desserts on me.

    Again, thanks for the great review . By the way, your blog has a nice look to it.
    Jeff Starbeck

    • Well thank you for taking the time out to read our blog Mr. Starbeck! We appreciate your kind words and just wanted to let you know that we will definitely be back to Sonoma Chicken Coop because it is one of the regular places that we go to for great food.

      Our blog has grown so much within the past few months and we’re proud to let everyone out there know that Sonoma Chicken Coop has what it takes to please any pallet out in the world. Thank you once again for visiting our blog and we hope you will be a regular visitor!

      – Thankgoditsfood team

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