Pho Nguyen Hue: Best Bowl of Beef Pho in Westminster?


10487 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92684
(714) 839-8916

On this wonderful Friday morning, my parents were once again having another craving for Pho, so we decided to not risk trying untested Pho places and just go to the usual place we usually go to.  This place is by far the best place to get beef tendon pho for the simple fact that their broth is perfectly flavored.  The only gripe I have with this place is that sometimes they can go a little overboard with the MSG in their ingredients.

I got the medium size portion and to be honest, it’s plenty enough for an overfilling feeling.  I mean it’s rice noodles, get ready to jog is off a few hours later.  The meat that they use is a combination of tripe, beef tendon, and different cuts of tri tip.  The good thing about this place is that they also give you ample amounts of beef, so you don’t get ripped off in that department.  The restaurant is small and at times there can be a line, but if you go early enough before lunch, you can avoid the crowd.

There’s not much more to say about this place other than it’s a good place to try out Pho if you are having trouble finding a good regular place to go to.  This place’s specialty is chicken pho, but to be honest, chicken pho is a lot less flavored due to the fact that it’s just chicken.  I highly recommend ordering any of their beef noodle bowls, you won’t regret it.  Remember to drink lots of water after though!


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 4, 2009.

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