BCD Tofu: The Owners Need to Pay Off Their New Ferrari


2700 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606

All I have to say about BCD Tofu is…RIDICULOUS…the price that is 🙂

I’m not going to lie, $8 for soy milk curd, coagulated milk protein, enzyme magic, etc. is just plain wrong.  It’s really cheap to make tofu, so why charge so much?  Just to slam dunk this point across your face and your widening eyes as you read the last line, a friend went with us and doesn’t particularly like tofu, so he ordered Teriyaki chicken.  The dish amounted to about $14 for just plain chicken cooked with teriyaki sauce, which is basically sugar, dark soy sauce, and mirin.  That’s just plain ripping a customer off.  Even the chicken is probably thinking, “damn, I feel bad for you. 😦

As far as my tofu dish went, I ordered spicy tofu soup that came with several side dishes.  None of the side dishes were really worth mentioning as they are standard side dishes that you would get served any any Korean restaurant.  The taste of my tofu dish wasn’t too bad with a good helping of spice and heat… but I can’t help but think that I paid $8 for just tofu.  When I told my mom about what I ate and she asked me how much it costs, her eyes just basically rolled 360 degrees and she proceeded to beat me savagely for spending so much money for tofu.  She is beating me as we speak.


Blame it on my culture, but Chinese people won’t pay that much for tofu sitting in water marinated with several spices.  A quart of Tofu at the store (about maybe 4 bowls of tofu soup at BCD) is only about $1.50.  The profit they are making over their customers is mind boggling.  However, because this place is situated in Diamond Plaza, I’m not surprised because I’m sure the Irvine Company is charging sky high rent.  If the tofu dish I ate was around $4-$5, I wouldn’t mind so much nor would I be complaining at all about this review…except for…………………………………..

…………………….service…there wasn’t any.  We rang the bell several times to get someone to come get our order, no one came.  Luckily, a waiter was in the vicinity when we were trying to get a hold of someone and a person at our table basically called out at him to take our order, even then he said “hold up, let me get someone.”  NICE!  When we wanted more water or our check, no dice…rang the button at least 8 times (this is no exaggeration, thanks Natalia :)) and still no service.  After poking at the button for another 20 times (okay this is an exaggeration) I finally just got up myself and went to go get the check at the front.  Service seems to be the #1 complaint here at BCD (check yelp as well for all the complaints) and this is enough to warrant anyone not to come back because trust me….the service is that bad.


Food: eh, forgettable, I mean..it’s just tofu!  No offense to anyone who lives or dies by tofu of course lol.  Wouldn’t be complaining if it wasn’t $8.

Price: You can spend that same amount and get better food at 85 degrees and get 10 times more food, need I say more?

Service: I think the Keebler Elf can serve the entire BCD crowd better…. on a busy night…. by himself……. more attentively…..with a gun to his head….while juggling knives…being chased by wolves…cursed by Stalin…pecked at by roosters in heat…elbow jabbed to the gut…and blind (not an exaggeration hahaha).


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “BCD Tofu: The Owners Need to Pay Off Their New Ferrari”

  1. I am a vegetarian and I had a very hard time finding something to eat at this restaurant without some kind of fish or other meat. I had to send the dish back several times and when it finally came, it was too hot to eat. The wait staff refused to come to the table after they brought out the second dish which was loaded with shrimp. Very disappointed and I would not go back, or recommend it. My meat eating friends thought it over priced, and okay as far as flavor. Overall, serivce was horrible.

  2. We completely agree with you on the service and overall selection of food items at this restaurant. We honestly think the only reason why this place is busy is because of the lack of any other asian/korean restaurant within the Irvine area. However, after some time, we think people will start to realize they are overpaying for soy bean curd 🙂

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