Loon Wah: Don’t Be A Bum, Get Up and Eat Dim Sum


1146 S. De Anza Blvd
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 257-1642

I’m just going to admit it…I can’t tell the subtle differences between different dim sum joints hahahaha.  Call me clueless, but most dishes at dim sum places tend to taste the same.  The only differences that I notice is whether the dishes are oily or not, and whether it tastes good.  I guess I just have very low standards for dim sum :/  Don’t hate on me though…..Julie is the same…lol.

However, the one dish that I can tell a difference is BBQ pork buns as well as Zhaliang, or also known as chinese donut wrapped in rice paper.  The BBQ pork bun here taste like every other dim sum place I’ve ever eaten at.  I’m starting to feel that instead of these places hand making this thousand year old awesomeliciousness (I’m going to copyright this word), they buy it from a mass production plant that is killing pigs at an alarming rate.  It was sweet, good amount of meat, and the outside bun was semi-sweet.  Okay, I really tried breaking it down hahaha, but I’ve been tasting this for so long, I’m starting to get numb…do I dare say I’m starting to get sick of it?  Prrroooobbbabbblyyyy.  The only time where BBQ pork bun tasted so good that I was having daily cravings was this one dim sum place located in my hometown of Santa Ana (yes, despite the ratio of 10000000000000000:1 ratio of Mexican to Asian in this city).  I forgot what it was called and I was too young to remember, but that is my last fond memory of this dish, and probably will be the last….unless you starve me for 10 days then I’ll probably love this thing again.


The Zhaliang here as good, simple, but good.  It was lacking the sesame seeds as well as the green onions, but hey, I’m not complaining.  The dish was good and yummy in my fat tummy.  Next order of business was this shrimp ball and bell pepper dish.  Honestly, I didn’t like it.  The shrimp ball was good overall, but adding a slice of bell pepper just ruined it.  Don’t eat the bell pepper if you come here.  It’s flavorless and undercooked.  If that bell pepper was really suppose to be a garnish…that would explain a lot hahaha.


Other than that, nothing here really stood out.  I mean it is still a good place to eat dim sum, but I would rather just eat something else altogether.  My veins may run Chinese blood, but my mouth is calling out ice cream.  It’s not a metaphor for anything…I really do love ice cream and I really would, and for the record, HAVE eaten it for breakfast…..on more than one occasion. I still like Top Island Dim Sum better even though this place has a higher rating and more reviews on yelp.  =)


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 10, 2009.

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