Trader Joe’s Banana Bonanza Bread: I Love Monkeys


Do you like banana bread?  Do you like monkeys?  Do you like a picture of a monkey ON banana bread?!  Well I got the answer for you here and it’s Trader Joe’s Banana Bonanza Bread!  I’m not a big banana bread fan, so I was a little reluctant to try this.  However, when my sister brought this home,  I figure I’ll give it a chance.

Can you say “ultra mega moist?!”  That’s exactly what this was.  Not too sweet, but good enough.  However, what really sets this apart from other banana breads its just how moist this bread was.  You can feel the weight of this loaf, it’s pretty heavy for it’s size, just another indication of how dense and moist this bread was.  This piece of heaven only further proves to me that there are definitely more hidden gems at Trader Joe’s that needs to be discovered, and I’m willing to do it myself rather than send in Indiana Jones.


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Banana Bonanza Bread: I Love Monkeys”

  1. Dude that sounds good. I might go out to TJ and get me some now.

  2. I love love this banana bread.

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