Hawaiian Host’s Chocolate Covered Macadamias: Can Chocolate Get Any Better?


I think we can all agree anything covered in chocolate is good (except maybe meat and vegetables).  When this was given to us, I wasn’t surprised that Hawaiians went ahead and made their national nut even better.

Macadamias are known to the region of Hawaii, so therefore, it’s natural for them to come out with a bunch of different types of macadamia related products.  Sadly, this product is only available in Hawaii or through online orders only.  Why Sadly?


Well it’s super good and you can only get it through online orders!!!  Unless you happen to find yourself waking up in Hawaii, then feel free and go ahead and buy them at the local Hawaiian store.  Since this was given to us by relatives that returned from Hawaii, I’m not sure if they sell it here at our local boutique chocolate stores.

I tend to favor semi-sweet chocolate, or at least chocolates that don’t seem to dump 9 lbs of sugar into a single serving.  The taste of chocolate is strong with enough of the residual taste of macadamia to complete the experience as you finish chewing.  The chocolate is soft and wonderful with the macadamias giving a crunchy texture.

Is it worth ordering?  I’m going to go ahead and say “yes’ if you love macadamias.  If you like them, but not quite wiling to make that long term commitment, I say do it anyway, because you can’t go wrong with a box of $4.00 chocolates that seem to taste as if it costs more.  So do it…


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 15, 2009.

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