House of Falafel: The War for Greatest Fried Chick Peas


19590 Steven’s Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 446-2411

Falafel’s Drive-In was…needless to say…the best fried falafel balls we’ve ever had.  Okay, that’s only partially true as Julie and I never had falafel before Falafel’s Drive-In.  However, that place was good enough to make us come twice in one week during my visit…talk about being fat.  Julie also mentioned that we should try House of Falafel before I leave to compare to Falafel’s Drive-In, so I figured why not…anything fried is good or worth trying.

When we came to House of Falafel, we quickly noticed that it’s not as busy as Falafel’s Drive-In, or at least not when we came.  We did notice that there tends to be a line during lunch, but we came a little bit after that…as compared to Falafel’s Drive-In, which is always busy.  We went in and ordered the Falafel sandwich and House of Falafel Sandwich.

The main difference between the two sandwiches right off the bat is that the House of Falafel Sandwich came with sauteed and carmalized Eggplant, the other didn’t.  The basic wrap came with lettuce, tomato, falafel, some tahini sauce, and pepper sauce.  The other thing you’ll notice right away is that the sandwich is wrapped up in a flour tortilla, or what seems like it.  It couldn’t have been a pita because it looked exactly like a burrito and the wrap tasted like a tortilla.  The tortilla was a little on the dry side, but nothing too crazy.  They should go with 100% lard tortillas like the mom and pop shops do in my home town. 🙂


The taste was pretty good, definitely not “Falafel’s Drive-In” good, but still good.  The falafel balls weren’t as crispy as the Falafel’s Drive-In and they were pretty cheap with the tahini sauce inside the sandwich.  Granted they gave us an extra little tablespoon more, it wasn’t enough for two sandwiches…same could be said with the pepper sauce.  Overall, it tasted very similar to the Falafel’s Drive-In version of the falafel sandwich, but I have to admit, the biggest difference (and arguably the most important) between the two joints is that the Drive-In’s falafel was just more crispy, more deeply flavored, and better balanced by the other ingredients in terms of being light and refreshing.  House of Falafel gave me a feeling of fullness because their sandwiches are densely packed.  The House of Falafel Sandwich on the other hand…I say just avoid because the eggplant tasted a little bitter to me.  Just get the regular falafel sandwich and you’re ready to go.


Definitely a place to get a falafel sandwich if you are too lazy to go down to the Falafel’s Drive-In or the line is too long.  Supposedly their falafel plates are a lot better but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try them.  Still, if Falafel’s Drive-In is too far, come here instead; you definitely won’t be disappointed.  However, if I had a choice, Falafel’s Drive-In ALL THE WAY. 🙂


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 16, 2009.

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