Yang Zhou Chao Fan (揚州炒飯): A Famous Cantonese Style, Wok Fried Rice


A staple at my house when we were younger.  My Mexican friends from Santa Ana love it, so should you 🙂 !!!

Although I don’t make this much anymore, I do make it sometimes for friends and family that seem to magically be hungry when they come to my house hahaha.


(Serves roughly two people)

2 cups of “day old” white rice
1 Chinese sausage (can be found at any local asian store)
2 Eggs
1 cup of cha siu (叉烧) (can be found at any local asian butchery)
2 scallions
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
3 tablespoons of peanut oil (this amount will be used for everything)
1 teaspoon of black pepper


This dish is commonly eaten in Hong Kong and made this way due to the fact that it’s main characteristics is that is uses Cha siu and light soy sauce.  The dish’s main character is the cha siu with everything else complimenting that ingredient.

Chop the scallions, chinese sausage, and cha siu finely, as thin as you can (you can leave the cha siu in small blocks, but nothing too big).  From this point on, use about a 2 teaspoons of oil for every type of meat you cook.  Then after all the prep, cook the eggs with some oil and make sure that it’s well scrambled, but not thoroughly cooked all the way because you’ll be putting this back in later to mix, which will further cook it.  Remove the eggs to another bowl after it’s done.  Then cook the Chinese sausage until it’s done.  Remove this and put it in the bowl with the eggs.  Now you can warm up the cha siu on the stove since it’s already cooked.  Again, remove after it’s thoroughly heated.

Now put in 2 tablespoons of peanut oil in the pan and let it heat up, then put the “day-old” rice.  “Day-Old” rice is very important in any fried rice recipe because the rice will not clump in day old rice, it will separately naturally and will allow for equal mixing…so if you know you are going to make fried rice the next day, leave out the rice over night so that it can dry a bit.  After the rice is in, throw in all the meats that you just cooked.  Then add the soy sauce, black pepper, and scallions and stir until it’s well heated through.  Now you can serve.

NOTE: The dish is super super greasy in Hong Kong at certain places, but I guess that’s how some places like to make their fried rice, so you can adjust the amount of peanut oil accordingly to your liking.  3 tablespoons for the entire dish I find is perfect.


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