China King: One Hit Wonder


624 S. Harbor St.
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 531-9816

Like the title of this entry states, this place only has one thing that is good, but you know what…it does it very very well.  My family and I have been eating at China King for well over 10 years, easy.  It is a heat-lamp, fast food Chinese restaurant (think Panda Express, but a little less Americanized and mainstream).  The prices are, needless to say, super cheap.  We always get their chow mien, beef and vegetables, and lastly, their famous spicy chicken wings…and boy do those wings tastes good.


China King as a whole isn’t really worth your time unless you are near one of it’s locations because it’s not by any stretch a wonderful place to eat at, but it is conveniently good for dinner.

What you want to get here, and only get here, is the spicy chicken wings.  They come in at $5 bucks for 15 wings and the wings are big and worth every penny.  I don’t know any other place that gives you that many wings for such a great price.  You can also order a whole box of chow mien for $5 bucks as well.  So for a total of $10, you can feed about a family of 5 and everyone would be gut busting full.  The spicy chicken wings can be described as orange chicken with a hint of spicy flavor, and a bone inserted into the meat.  It’s great, cheap, and good…what more do you want from a fast food Chinese restaurant?  IF you are close by, stop by and at least order 15 wings and give it a try, it’s $5.


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 22, 2009.

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