Teske’s Germania Restaurant and Beer Garden


Courtesy of Teske’s Germania Restaurant & Beer Garden

255 N. 1st St.
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 292-0291

Reminiscent of actual beer gardens in Germany, this restaurant has an outdoor seating area set up like a little garden where their waitresses with German accents serve you. If you come for dinner, there’s also live jazz playing some nights. As cute/romantic as it sounds, the ambience I got actually didn’t feel very cute or romantic as it would seem. However, that’s the point of german beer gardens. In Germany, beer gardens are more of a place for socializing and eating rather than a date place.


Before I begin my review of the food, I have to admit that the photos really don’t look that appetizing. Normally I don’t like to use flash for my photos because flash makes the photos come out less natural. Anyways, my friends and I came here in celebration of a birthday among us. Prices aren’t cheap at this place so if you’re not too hungry, sharing wouldn’t be too bad of an option. Just a warning though, to split an entree costs $10 extra dollars; sharing appetizers has no extra penalty.

What this restaurant is best known for are their sausages. Their Sausage Combo Platter comes with 4 different flavor sausages: Knackwurst, Polish, Bratwurst, and Bavarian Bratwurst. I wish I remembered which sausage was what in the photo, but that is just beyond me. All I can really remember is that the top sausage was spicy and the third one from the top looks and tastes like a hot dog. What I can do, is tell you a bit about what’s in each of these 4 types of sausages (according to various online sources). The Knackwurst, a.k.a. Garlic Sausage contains finely ground cuts of pork, veal, and beef and is highly seasoned with a garlic flavor. Polish sausages are almost always made with pork and seasoned with garlic and pepper. Similar to the Knackwurst, the Bratwurst is also made with a mixture of pork, veal, and beef meat. The spices used for seasoning can include caraway, coriander, cumin, ginger, and the such. Bavarian Bratwurst is made with only lean cuts of pork and seasoning. The sausages were all highly seasoned and very filling. Maybe I don’t appreciate this dish enough, but I felt that they were a bit salty for my personal preference.


Whew, that was a mouthful. I’ll try to keep the rest of this entry short. We also ordered the German Potato Pancakes appetizer served with applesauce. This dish just tastes like any ol’ fried mashed potatos, except with a slightly sour aftertaste. Another thing I was able to try was the Marinated Herring in Cream Sauce. Save your stomach; I wouldn’t recommend this dish. It could just be me, but I expect my cooked fish dishes to be hot dishes, not cold. So when I put it in my mouth, I was very surprised. I’m not a fan of this dish at all.


Teske’s final analysis? Honestly, I don’t think I would come back to this place. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t appreciate German food enough, but nothing I tried was memorable enough for the pricetag attached. I’d rather spend my money on mediocre food elsewhere.


~ by thankgoditsfood on September 26, 2009.

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