Mad Greek Cafe: Another Place For Fried Zucchini Guilt

12120 Beach Blvd.
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 898-5181

Hi all you “thankgoditsfood” dedicated followers!!!  Julie and I would like to take the time to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this blog so popular.  We had modest intentions with this blog, but the consistent traffic we get on this blog nowadays is still surprising to us and we just appreciate the fact that you guys still keep this site going, so THANKS!!!!

We also like to apologize for the lack of updates recently as Julie and I are busy handling the academic portions of our lives, but rest assured, we will update and provide you guys with greats places to eat when we can.  Unfortunately from now on, the reviews won’t be as often as they were before, but when they do come they will still be great reads, great reviews, and honest opinions.

Julie recently made a trip down to Southern California to visit me and we had a few chances to try a couple places to eat during the weekend.  This was one of the first restaurants that we had the chance to try out.  My sister recommended me this place because she said they had wonderful zucchini fries with a great sauce.  NOW…the only place that had great zucchini fries that no one can compare to was Duke’s Restaurant in Santa Ana.  We decided that since my sister thought this was place amazing, we should definitely give their variation a try since she is credible in her suggestions…SOMETIMES haha.

Now, we knew that the fries were going to be similar since my sister said so, but the reason my sister suggested the place to begin with was because of the greek yogurt sauce that they make to go along with the fries.  When we got there, the place was small and seem to be a local eatery for the people of Stanton.  It wasn’t terribly busy, but you can tell this place does get modest business.  When we got the order of our zucchini fries, we first noticed that they look exactly like the fries that Duke’s Restaurant makes.  When we tasted the zucchini fries, we realized its the SAME zucchini fries we had at Duke’s…exactly the same…same batter…same everything.  I had always knew that Duke’s never made their zucchini fries in-house…because I saw the bag that they ordered from was from a mass producer…I didn’t mind because it still tasted great.  I was just a little surprised that this place also happens to order these fries from the same producers…I was expecting something else.  Regardless, we were there for the Greek yogurt sauce that they DO make in house.

All we can say about the sauce is it’s close to tasting like ranch sauce, but not as salty and with some diced cucumbers in it.  Was it good?  Sure…but I wouldn’t come back to Mad Greek just for the sauce.  I think the ranch sauce that Duke’s does make in-house is much more rich and creamy and definitely goes a lot better with the zucchini fries than this yogurt sauce.

You can give this place a try for their other stuff like their gyros etc, but we didn’t bother as we weren’t that hungry.  We might go back to try their gyros, but that’s for another discussion.  Just go to Duke’s Restaurant in Santa Ana if you want zucchini fries with the real deal ranch sauce they make…it’s a lot better.


~ by thankgoditsfood on November 17, 2009.

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