The Bread Crumb Ohana Cafe: Never Thought Hawaii Could Be Uninspiring and Bland

19079 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 960-5051

Let’s just get it out of the way…this place wasn’t good :(.  I wouldn’t recommend this place to any of my friends or family.  It wasn’t horribly bad,  just……bad haha and the food was bland.

Julie was craving breakfast when she was visiting me, so when we both woke up, we decided to hit up The Bread Crumb based on the numerous good reviews we saw on Yelp.  The place was hard to find (in retrospect it might have been a blessing not to find it at all).  It was hidden on the left corner of the plaza with no clear signs of where it was…I had a feeling it was stuck in that particular corner so we decided to walk up to investigate.  We were seated very quickly and the place seemed really busy for 2pm in the afternoon for a breakfast joint…we took it as a good sign.

When we looked at the menu, Julie was craving french toast with strawberries, so she ordered that once she saw it on the menu.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t too hungry, so I decided to order their biscuits w/gravy, since it was marked as a favorite/popular item on the menu for the locals.

The food came really quick, which was very pleasant and the service was very friendly.  When I took my first bite of the biscuits w/gravy, I noticed one really big thing, and that was the biscuits themselves were really bad.  It was drenched in gravy (the way it’s suppose to be), but I could already tell that if I had the biscuit by itself, it would have been really dry.  It seemed really stale even under all that gravy.  Not to mention flat.  Biscuits are suppose to be light, flaky, soft, buttery, and doughy.  This biscuit was sorta tough (not intolerable), but definitely a big thumbs down.  Let’s just say, it didn’t look nor tasted like a biscuit.  The gravy wasn’t bad.  Overall, even though it’s one of their more popular dishes, I don’t want to know how their other dishes taste like if this was their local favorite.  This would probably rank as the worst biscuits and gravy I’ve had thus far just because of how the biscuits were.

Julie’s french toast didn’t fair any better.  The main complaint that Julie had was that the bread was TOO stale and the batter didn’t even penetrate the bread thoroughly.  If you break the slice of french toast in half, the egg batter only coated the surface of the french toaste, hence when I took a bite, I noticed it just tasted like bread with a slight after taste of the egg batter.  The center was dry and resembled just regular bread.  French toast is suppose to have a smooth, custard filled center.  We were both surprised at how poorly executed the dish was.  I mean…it’s a main breakfast entree and it wasn’t even done properly -_-.

Honestly, we left unimpressed and won’t be coming back.  The quality is severely lacking and we honestly think the only reason why this place gets any business is because of the name drawing people in and locals that are too bias to realize the food they are eating is bad.

Let’s say if you were to compare this to The Cottage in San Diego…The Cottage would be the equivalent of Kobe Beef and The Bread Crumb would be ground chuck…totally on different levels and the Bread Crumb didn’t even come close in any category.  They might come close in terms of service, but too bad The Cottage is just as nice or nicer (we sat at a table with direct sunlight at The Cottage and the server said to us “you guys want to switch to this table, it’ll be less sunny :)”).  The Cottage’s version of french toast was amazing.  Moist, a custardy center consistency, buttery, and big servings…the way it’s suppose to be.  Just avoid this place, you’ll feel ripped off after you eat here.  Thank god the place didn’t cost too much though -_-.


~ by thankgoditsfood on November 21, 2009.

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