Izze carbonated fruit juice: Beat This, SODA!

Amazingly enough, we both first discovered Izze via Costco.  A carbonated fruit juice…what so special right?  A LOT.  The one thing I like about Izze is that the juice is 100% fruit juice, no added sugar.  On the back of the ingredient lists, it states pure fruit juice from etc etc depending on what you are drinking.  The other good thing about Izze is that it’s carbonated like soda, so this is definitely a wonderful alternative to jazzing up your life with something different besides plain flat fruit juice.

However, sugar is still sugar…so I wouldn’t go crazy with this either.  It’s definitely an option away from soda and regular fruit juice.  It’s cheap at costco, so go there to get this appetizing drink.  The only other problem I can think of when it comes to Izze is that this isn’t readily available everywhere.  I’ve only seen it at costco and whole foods stores, nowhere else…to make it worst…different stores carry different flavors.  Izze has over 10-15 flavors and not all the stores carry each kind. Costco sell it in bulk and the three flavors are pomegranate, blackberry, and clementine.

You guys can look at this as an adventure to try out all their flavors.  Purchase a different each time and see which one is your favorite!


~ by thankgoditsfood on November 29, 2009.

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