Kohryu: Never Thought I’d Miss Shin-sen-gumi So Much

891 Baket St. B-21
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 556-9212

Like the title states, I’d never thought I’d missing eating at Shin-sen-gumi so much.  This place pales in comparison to what you can get at Shin-sen-gumi, but at least they had very nice and courteous customer service!

My buddy was in town and we decided to eat since we were both hungry.  Due to the cold weather, I decided eating some warm Japanese food would be a good idea.  However, picking this place was not.  When we went into the restaurant, it was pretty empty.  I think at most two more tables had customers.  When we sat down, I ordered the Cha siu ramen (I always order this at all ramen places so I can give an accurate comparison).  My friend ordered deep fried cha siu fried rice with vegetables and gravy.  Our food then came out, but in actuality mine came out first…I had to wait for my friend’s food to come, so my ramen did get a little cold, but no biggy.  My friend’s meal came 5 minutes later.  I still think it would be a better idea to bring both our meals at the same time to avoid food going cold.

When my ramen came, it looked like ramen that was served at Daikokuya…at least the vibe of it.  One really big positive about this place is that they give you A LOT of cha siu pork meat in your noodles…I can confidently say about 3 times more than any other ramen place I’ve been to…a BIG PLUS in my book.  It’s five big thick slices that are so tender and juicy, it was great…

…the drawback? The broth and noodles were forgettable.  The biggest downer was actually the noodles.  It looked old and was clumped together in a huge ball.  Fresh ramen noodles are suppose to naturally break apart in the broth without much effort, yet still remaining firm.  These noodles were VERY hard and they were clumped together like they had been in the refrigerator for a significant amount of time.  The broth on the other hand wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable in any fashion.  I think I still prefer this broth style of Orochon Ramen any day though.  However, itt still falls way short of Shin-sen-gumi’s deep, flavorful, and rich broth.  There’s a reason why Shin-sen-gumi always has a wait of 30 minutes or more, but then again Shin-sen-gumi has a ridiculously small restaurant to serve their customer base.

I didn’t try my friend’s dish, but he said the flavor was okay.  He also mentioned that he thought the rice was too mushy from all the gravy…eh…enough said haha.

I can’t really recommend this place, but if you want to try it, go ahead.  It’s not horrible by any means and maybe I came on a night where they weren’t busy so they had to use old noodles…whatever the reason, I probably most likely will not be coming back.  Sorry Kohryu, but Shin-sen-gumi still has me firmly grasped in their palms.


1. Shin-sen-gumi

2. Santouka Ramen

3. Orochon

4. Kohryu

5. Daikokuya

I think Kohryu deserves to be above Daikokuya only because when Julie and I ate at Daikokuya, they gave us a boiled egg that was cold in the middle, which meant they boiled it earlier in the day and just served it to us in the hot broth…we both could have gotten sick!


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