Knowlwood: Oh My Zucchini Goodness

5665 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim CA, 92807
(714) 779-2501

Happy New Year, thankgoditsfood fans!  Welcome to a new and wonderful year, so get ready to enjoy yourselves with friends and family.  For the first restaurant of the year after Julie’s first recipe of the year, I figure I’d give a shout out to Knowlwood for one main reason, and it’s their zucchini fries.  Sorry for the photos in advance as my sister’s blackberry was the only possible way of taking photos at the time…but still…with the next two paragraphs of detailed descriptions of the goodness that is about to explode in your face, I’m sure you won’t mind.

I think Knowlwood is a Southern California institution, sort of like In & Out.  I honestly think that the burgers here sort of fall short of In & Out though.  The burgers taste like any burger you would get is charbroiled over a grill.  Nothing stands out with this burger, but it’s not as to say that this burger wasn’t good…it still is.  Just don’t expect to be blown away though.  I still think In & Out holds out as the #1 place to get burgers from a chain restaurant in Southern California.

However, Knowlwood has something that most other joints don’t, and that is yummy, tummy-filling zucchini fries.  The variety of zucchini fries here is a little bigger than Duke’s hamburgers, but it’s quite alright, because it’s just as good.  The ranch sauce / house dressing here at Knowlwood is just the regular variety of ranch sauce I think you can find at the local grocery store (Hidden Valley).  The ranch or house dressing sauce at Duke’s is their own recipe and honestly, it’s creamy and delicious…so Knowlwood’s version needs to take a back seat and bow down to the master.  Definitely a notch above normal ranch dressing.  As for the zucchini fries here…they are hearty and on par with what Duke’s has.  They are thick cuts of zucchini, battered in a corn flour and fried to perfection or to Alton Brown fans like myself, G.B.D. (Golden Brown and Delicious).  The zucchini is still tender for being such a hearty size, so you won’t get any odd crunch from these fries.  The batter isn’t thick either, perfect amount and the texture of the crunch is perfect as some corn flour can be a little too gritty.  Try it, it’s a must if you roll by a Knowlwood.

There you go thankgoditsfood fans!  A new place for zucchini fries…what better way to introduce 2010?  Make sure to give us suggestions either through email or dropping us a line in the comment box under any of our reviews.  Once again, happy new year and let the good food keep coming.


~ by thankgoditsfood on January 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Knowlwood: Oh My Zucchini Goodness”

  1. Hi! I love your blog! I have a question, do you know if there is a Chinese or Taiwanese cafe that serves sea salt coffee other than 85 cafe??? thank you!!

    • Hi, Alexandra! We appreciate your support for our blog! We always love hearing from our readers. As for your question, 85D stated that they came up with the idea, so beyond 85D, we haven’t found a place that has served the same type of drink. It seems like it’s an 85D exclusive for now until other shops decide to catch in on the craze. Thanks again for reading, nice blog btw and cool hamster!

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