In & Out Burgers: It’s About Time

4115 Campus Dr.
Irvine, CA 92612

Welcome to 2010, Thankgoditsfood fans! I know what you see above me will elicit questions such as, “WHAT?!” or “WHY?!”  However, even though Julie and I tend to only to place the spotlight on local unknown joints or eateries, we decided to give an exception to In&Out only because of their great quality burgers…and their exclusiveness to the West Coast..muhahaha.

Sorry…anyway, getting back to In&Out, there is no other chain burger joints that we know that time after time have produced such great quality burgers.  In&Out is actually one of the few burger places that actually uses fresh ingredients and non-processed meat.  A huge plus if you are conscious about overly processed junk at McDonalds and other fast food places (I’m not saying I don’t at those places hahahaa, I’m just merely stating facts that I fully accept myself).

The draw to In&Out is also pertained to their secret menu, which consist of:

– Animal Style Fries or Burgers (dressing on fries with grilled onions and cheese, or grilled onions with pickles on the burger).

– Flying Dutchman (just meat and cheese).

– Protein style (minus buns, wrapped in lettuce).

– Whole Grilled Onions (my favorite with grilled onions put on the burger without being minced).

– Grilled Cheese sandwich (no meat in the burger, with extra two slices of cheese)


In&Out is very customizable and they will taylor it to however you want it.  Their burgers have that charbroiled taste that comes off the grill and their lettuce is always crisp with their fresh tomatoes sliced to order.  I think the fries can be a little more crispier, but that’s why you can also order them “well done.”  However, I would avoid it because it’s borderline burnt.

Last thing to mention at In&Out is their shakes.  WOW…never thought a fast food joint could make such good shakes.  Becareful though, as their shakes do pack in at around 700 calories for the medium sized one.

What’s not to like about In&Out.  Fresh ingredients, customizable, friendly service, and it’s ALWAYS packed.  It’s about time you do yourself a favor, get up, and go enjoy it once more…sorry east coast fans!


~ by thankgoditsfood on January 11, 2010.

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