Pizza and Chicken Love Letter: What?

12238 Artesia Blvd.
Artesia, CA 92701
(562) 402-8000

Yeah, right?  That’s what I said too when I heard the name of this place, but you know what, the strange name was enough to get me to try it.  There were already a few people telling me to give this place a try.  My friends weren’t overly enthusiastic about the food to begin with, but we decided that since it was so late and everything else was closed, we decided to come here since it closed at 2am.

What is Pizza and Chicken Love Letter?  It’s Korean style pizza and fried chicken.  They use Asian oriented spices and flavors to make their pizza and fried chicken.  Did it work? Eh, I have mixed feelings about this place.

We ordered the Bulgogi Pizza, which is Korean BBQ meat on pizza with cheese, onion, and some sauce that I can’t remember.  The pizza overall tastes like BBQ chicken pizza, but not as sweet, just a mild hint of sweetness.  The bulgogi also just taste like normal sausage meat to me without the strong taste of fennel that you usually get from sausage.  Is it good?  Sure, but I can’t help that each time I take a bite, it just reminds me of Pizza Hut/Papa John’s.  Eh, it’s good, but I feel like the crust could be crispier and the flavor could be more intense.  Still good, but I recommend trying their sweet potato pizza.  I haven’t tried it, but I think it would have offered a more unique taste.

We also ordered two more items, the garlic spicy wings and sweet garlic chicken.  The wings are a complete waste of money.  They have almost no meat on them and the wings are WAY too spicy, and I consider myself a spicy foods type of guy, so gauge that how you want.  We didn’t mention the level of heat, but they also didn’t ask, so we thought there was only one level of heat for that particular dish.  If you order it (which I suggest you don’t), just get it mildly spicy or not at all.  It’s $8.99 for 6 wings, which is really expensive considering it’s mostly bones.

The other chicken dish was the sweet garlic chicken.  This is by far the best value at this restaurant.  It offers the most food for the best price, at around $9.99 for the entire dish.  It’s made with chicken thigh meat and the biggest factor with this dish is the CRUNCH factor.  I have never tasted chicken that has such amazing texture after being sauteed in a sweet sauce, it normally gets soft, but not here!  I’m sure they use pure cornstarch w/o any other mixtures added to achieve this level of crispy goodness.  Whatever it is, it’s good…sweet, mild garlic flavor, and definitely the dish to get here if you are an orange chicken buff like me.

Overall I say Pizza and Chicken Love Letter is a batch of mixed emotions.  It’s good in some areas, but it lacks in others.  I think my favorite dish of the night is still the sweet garlic chicken.  The other two dishes were okay, but I think I would have expected less if the price wasn’t so high for what we were eating.  Portions run small, so order accordingly!  Try it out if you are in the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over losing the opportunity if you forget about the place.


~ by thankgoditsfood on January 30, 2010.

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