Big Mac Wrap: Half the Goodness…Literally

Address: Probably two blocks away from your house

McDonald’s? Yes, McDonald’s.  The reason why I put this up here is because I was freakin surprised when I heard that they even attempted to offer the big mac in another form.  Let’s face it…the Big Mac is the national and international face of McDonald’s.  It’s what even gets me to go there in the first place….okay the chicken nuggets and french fries get me there too.

The Big Mac hasn’t changed much or there hasn’t been any variation of it ever since it’s conception…and here we are…half of a Big Mac, minus the buns.  I wanted to just put this up here to tell you guys not to waste your money because even though it’s half the price…it’s half the amount of food, and half the satisfaction.  AVOID!  If you ARE wondering if it tastes like an actualy Big Mac, it does…but without the bun and the taste of tortilla.  Honestly, just eat the big mac, it’s worth the extra $1.50.


~ by thankgoditsfood on February 4, 2010.

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