Sam Woo Restaurant and BBQ Express (IRVINE): Too quick for their own good

15333 Culver Dr.
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 262-0688

I think this is probably one of the few Chinese places you can get food in Irvine…okay I lie, they are everywhere.  This place doesn’t particular stand out because honestly, their food is below mediocre.  I think China would disown this place if they knew it was trying to sell their type of food.

The funny thing is that I love the Sam Woo that is up in Alhambra.  This is a chain restaurant, but ironically enough and unlike McDonald’s, the way food taste and how it’s cooked, depends on the location.

I had Dim Sum here once, but it was horrible.  The cha xiu baos were soaked wet and disgusting, the cha xiu itself was dry, the other food was just plain bland. I felt like everything needed salt and pepper.  Anyway, the point of this review is more geared towards the express part of this restaurant, and I’m afraid it doesn’t fair any better than the restaurant side.

I came here on a whim because I was craving Orange chicken.  Yes, I love Orange Chicken…and yes, I’m Chinese -_-.  The orange chicken here was a massive disappointment.  The orange taste was WAY overwhelming.  It also lacked the bite of vinegar as well, so it was just mainly sweet.  The other downside to this dish was that it was really oily.  You can see the oil dripping off the chicken, and that’s definitely not how orange chicken is suppose to be made.

The sweet and sour pork could have gotten me sick.  The pork was COLD when I bit into it….like refrigerator cold.  I thought it was suppose to be express and ready to eat?  I ended up putting it in the oven to heat up a bit and so much oil came out of it.  The sweet and sour sauce didn’t fair any better either.  It was way too sweet and I ended up only using a little bit.  Yes, the outer coating was crispy, but it was mainly flavorless for the most part, even with the sweet and sour added in, which then just tasted like sugar.

Just don’t come here, what’s the point?  I think your hard earned money can get you better food at taco bell or a Big Mac at McDonald’s.  Plus, you might run the risk of getting sick from eating meat that is anyone’s guess at how old it is.


~ by thankgoditsfood on February 4, 2010.

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