Tan Cang Newport Seafood: A Pushy and Scary Waiter

4411 W. 1st Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 531-5146

Hey TGIF fans! We’re back with a new post and finally, some great photos!  I normally don’t take out the DSLR to restaurants to take pictures of the food, but it was my sister’s birthday and we were already bringing it to take photos of the family, so I figured might as well use it as double duty and take photos of the food as well.  However, I just wish the food was better -_-.

Let’s get this out of the way,and that is, they do one thing superbly well and that is the lobster.  It’s what they are known for.  The lobster had the proper amount of seasoning on it and was sauteed to perfection.  It wasn’t overly done and the meat was tender and very fresh.  If you were to come here, this is definitely the dish to try…and ONLY try.  The turnover rate for their lobster stock is high because every table had lobster on it, so that means their stock is usually fresh, but you’ll find out a little more later.

However, I can’t say good things about the ther dishes because it just wasn’t good.  To start out the night, we had a pushy waiter.  He kept pushing us to order certain dishes and I could tell my parents felt very rushed.  Even after we politely asked for more time, he came back and still tried pushing certain dishes on us that we had already said no to and weren’t interested.  My parents weren’t too please about that behavior or was anyone at the table.  I wouldn’t have minded if he suggested dishes to us at all, in fact I welcome it, but it’s the way he was doing it that put a sour taste to our night.  It was rude and very impolite.  Last time I check, just because it’s an Asian restaurant, it doesn’t excuse bad manners to patrons.  I wanted Peking duck, but they didn’t have any.  The waiter suggested (of course he would) to get the saigon duck.  I asked him what the difference was and he said, “the name.”  This led me to order the dish because I thought it was similar and boy was it a disappointment.

The duck dish came out, but it wasn’t peking style at all or not anywhere close to it (not surprisingly given it had a different name altogether, but hey, I was led to believe the name WAS the only difference).  The duck was sauteed to death because the meat was SUPER dry.  The skin was really soft, unlike Peking duck which is really crispy, and where was the soft, white, fluffy buns that usually come with Peking duck?  The only difference was the name?!  RIIIIGHHHHTTT.  The waiter pushed us to just order the whole duck because he said it was a small duck and won’t feed everyone at the table.  To be honest, it tasted so bland that even if we ordered half the duck, we wouldn’t have even wanted to finish it.  Needless to say, no one liked the duck, except for my brother, but he doesn’t seem to mind the bland, dry duck.

The clam dish we ordered tasted super rubbery and the sautee sauce was forgettable.  Granted, I’m not much of a clam guy to begin with, but I’ve had better for sure.  The soup dish was actually not bad.  Despite the fact that I thought it was a little bland, it went down pretty good.  The soup was actually fish intestine soup I believe.  I’m basing this on what my parents told me because they ordered it and I didn’t pay attention to the actual Chinese name.  It wasn’t bad, but a little on the bland side.

Overall, I wouldn’t come here unless you wanted their lobster, but in all honesty, any Asian seafood restaurant in the Southern California area gets lots of patrons that order lobster, so the turn over rate is high regardless which Chinese seafood restaurant you pick, so they are all bound to have fresh lobster.  To me, the seasoning on the lobster isn’t very different wherever you go because this is just how Asian people sautee their lobster, all the same.  I say just avoid this place and go to Royal Seafood Palace.  They seem to offer up more dishes and the quality of the other dishes seem to be better as well…or as another option, just eat something completely different and avoid the weird waiter you MIGHT get.  It didn’t help that he kept standing near our table once in a while and staring at us eat!!! How creepy! If it wasn’t for the nice owner keeping up with us once in a while, I would have given this place a failing grade in terms of service.  I know I sound harsh, but trust me, being lied to and stared at while you are eating at a restaurant is highly weird.


~ by thankgoditsfood on February 26, 2010.

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