Village California Bistro & Wine Bar: Happy Hour with Class

378 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 248-9091

What a wonderful chance discovery this place was! Not only is it cute, but they have good food and wine at decent prices during their happy hour (yay!). On a daily basis, they have happy hour from I believe.. 3-6pm. Certain appetizers are $6, wines that are normally $11 are also $6, and there are also some deals on some of the cocktails.

So many of the menu items looked tasty. In the end, my friends and I decided to get their calamari, beef wellingtons, and both of flatbreads. We also got some drinks on the side to make this mini meal complete.

Out of all the food items we ordered, my personal favorites were the Crispy Monterey Calamari and their Duck Confit Flatbread. Just thinking about the calamari paired with the Garlic Aioli spread is making my mouth water already. The bite-sized pieces were seasoned really well and surprisingly went really well with the white wine (Riesling Spatlese) that I ordered. For those of you that like sweeter wines, the riesling is a good choice for you…it could almost taste like juice :)!

As for the Mushroom and Prosciutto Flatbread, I personally didn’t like this one so much. Usually I’m a big mushroom fan, but I guess not the ones that were used in this dish. I’m not sure what kind of mushrooms were used, but there was definitely a distinct taste there. The beef wellingtons were…okay. It was my first time having beef wellingtons, so I may be wrong to say that the ones here were nothing out of ordinary. They just weren’t very flavorful in my humble opinion. 

My friends and I finished off our mini meal with bread pudding dessert that had icecream and caramelized banana on the side (mmm!). With our mini meal complete, my friends and I just had to head on home and eat our real dinners haha. We’ll probably be back again soon for their calamari and wines :).


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 4, 2010.

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