Tulsa Rib Company: No Need To Fight The Rib Meat

954 N. Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 633-3760

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a BBQ restaurant and loved what I ate without any reservations.  However, the streak has ended and I now have THE #1 spot for Ribs in Southern California.

The reason why I came here to begin with was because of a recommendation from my brother.  However, I just had recently gotten my scores by back from my medical admissions test and did really well!!! Therefore, my brother decided to take me out to eat to celebrate the great news.

The first dish that was ordered was an appetizer dish of fried clams.  I have to admit they were good, but nothing special I haven’t eaten before.  They were made with a corn batter and was very crispy, but it was mostly batter and little clams.  The tarter sauce was great with good creamy texture.  I didn’t care much for the cocktail sauce.

When it was time for the entree, you have to get ribs here, they are known for it.  We ordered the “baby,baby,baby,” which is a sampling of 3 half racks that come with three different flavors.  The three flavors were spicy, smoked, and original.  The entree also comes with creamed corn, potato salad or Tulsa potatoes (their version of fries, but just flat and it looked like ridges potato chips), coleslaw or tabooli, which we all ended up getting coleslaw.  You also get corn bread muffin, but it’s dry and forgettable.  The seasoning was on point, but boy was it dry.

I’ll talk about the sides first and they were all amazing.  The coleslaw was heavy on the mayo, but it wasn’t overbearing.  It was cold, creamy, and well seasoned.  The Tulsa potatos were amazing.  When you first look at them, you’d think they are soggy fries that look like chips, but quite the contrary. They are very crispy with enough potato inside to consider it fries and not chips.  As for the potato salad, it was good, but nothing special. At least it’s well done, right?  Last, but not least, the creamed corn was delectable.  It was very creamy and not too overly sweet.  It was a great way to end the dinner after the ribs.

Now that we got the sides out of the way, let’s get straight to the main guests of the party, and that is the ribs.  I will say it right now, I have never eaten ribs so tender that it LITERALLY fell off the bone.  When I went to pull the half rack into quarters, it literally just fell off the bone.  This place can truly say their ribs are “fall off the bone” tender.  The good thing about this too is that its not so tender that the meat is gelatinous, it still had texture and firmness to it.  Out of the three flavors of BBQ sauce, I love the smoked sauce the best, then original, then spicy.  They are on the sweet side, with little or next to no tang.  It’s okay, I like sweeter BBQ sauce anyway.  My only complaint here is that the smoke flavor in the ribs is next to zero.  I really think they minimally smoke their ribs and put it in the oven the rest of the way to finish it off, which is okay to me because the ribs still taste great.  However, if you want heavy smoke flavor in your ribs, this might not be your place, but even if it isn’t your place, the tenderness should get you in the door anyway.

My final conclusion is, this is a MUST GO place.  Not a, “try if you can,” joint.  The ribs are really that tender and good.  Trust me, you’ll never go to a chain BBQ restaurant like Lucille’s again.  Not to mention, the service here is QUICK, quite the opposite of Lucille’s and other chain BBQ joints.  There is a wait for Tulsa Rib Company, but we only waited about 5 mins.  The average wait time is around 15-20 mins.


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 8, 2010.

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