Siam Thai Cuisine: My Quick Thai Go-To

1080 S De Anza Boulevard
Suite A
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 366-1080

Hello Thankgoditsfood fans! I know it’s been a really long time since we’ve posted. I’m not gonna lie..I’ve been a little on the lazy side haha. Not to worry though, Vy will be visiting me up in San Jose in a few days and we already have a list of new places that we’re planning to try (yay!). So, be sure to check our blog for upcoming good eats soon =).

Moving on to the food, my family and I are regulars at this restaurant and it’s our go-to every once in awhile when we’re too lazy to make lunch. I’m not a good judge of Thai food, but I usually come out very satisfied with the main dish when I come here. Since I normally only come here for lunch, I order one of their lunch specials: either the Prawns with basil (a spicy dish) or their Prawns Chu Chee (a sweet dish). All the lunch specials come with a small vinegar-y soup, salad with peanut sauce, egg rolls, and a choice of either jasmine rice or pad thai.

I’m a fan of their sour soup and I always lap it up when it’s served. Some people might not like it because it’s sour, but it’s just different from other soups I’ve had..which is probably why I actually like it. Don’t know if that makes sense =/. I used to also really love the other sides that came with the main dishes, but recently I think the sides have downgraded somewhat. The salad is still good because it’s served with peanut sauce (yum!). Eggrolls have always been my least favorite here; I find them to be a little soggy and I don’t like the sauce. As for the pad thai, I think it used to be better. Maybe it’s the economy or something, but the seem to be less generous about the peanut crumbs and maybe other ingredients that are normally there.

At least their main dishes are still yummy! Definitely very flavorful and distinct flavors for both prawn dishes. The prawns with basil has chilis in it and it’s pretty spicy…or I’m just weaksauce haha. I do like my spicy food, but I usually end up having to pick out the chilis because they’re too spicy for me. Overall it’s a dish worth getting if you like a spicy kick and if you like calamari and/or shrimp.

As I mentioned earlier, the Prawns Chu Chee is a sweeter dish. The simmered yellow curry and coconut milk are wonderful compliments to the prawns. Quick service, yummy food are all things you can walk away with after eating here. Again, be sure to check us out the upcoming weeks for the joints Vy and I are going to try during his stay in San Jose. Just to give a sneak peek, some of the places we are going to try include: Harumi Sushi, Taqueria Los Charros, Bakery Mexico, and more! If there’s places that you think we’d love, don’t forget to let us know ’cause we love suggestions!


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 23, 2010.

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