Harumi Sushi: A Pleasant Surprise

19754 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 973-9985

Hey, TGIF fans!! I’m finally in San Jose for my visit for Julie and I’m happy to report that the first place we decided to try out definitely was a pleasant surprise.  The reason why I say it was a surprise was because we were taking a risk at Harumi Sushi.  It was a grand opening and the place hasn’t established a reputation yet, and we were basing our visit on photos alone and the “30% off all rolls” deal.  However, after trying this place, you shouldn’t miss this joint.  Just as a note, another party member ordered the flaming dragon roll you see above me.  It’s a spicy roll (not sure exactly what was in the roll, but I remember it being pretty basic) that is surrounded by alcohol and burned for 5 mintues to bake…seems amazing, but expensive at $13.95.

To start off, my plane landed late due to turbulance, but Julie and I were able to get there in time for 99 cent + $1.99 sake bomb night with her friends.  Needless to say, we drank, ate, and had a lot of fun.  However, since it was closing by the time we got there, we only got to try one roll, the pink lady.  It was made with battered soft shell crab with fresh tuna on top.  The roll had a familar “crunch roll” taste, but with a slight textual difference.  It taste like a crunch roll, but better.  The fish was fairly fresh, but definitely not the freshest I’ve had.  It’s not bad by any means.

Julie and I decided that we wanted to try more rolls, so we returned the day after and tried a few more rolls.  We started with The Bomb roll, which was a deep fried california roll, stuffed with jalapeno, cream cheese, and a spicy orange sauce.  It was a very good roll, but to be honest, you will get sick of the taste after a few bites.  The sauce was too one dimensional and definitely could have been a little more complex.  The jalapeno could also be a little smaller or they could use smaller slices because the massive crunch in the middle was a very odd textural change mid chew.  For better or worse, it deserves a try, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Moving on to the Love Roll, which contained fresh white tuna on top of a crunch roll, drizzled with a zesty white sauce.  This roll by far ranks up with the Pink Lady roll.  The fish was fresh and the taste was refreshing.  The zesty white sauce along with the fresh fish and crunch roll was refreshing and the bite size pieces was a big welcoming.  Definitely try this roll.

For all you sashimi fanatics, the Orange Blossom was topped with fresh salmon and filled with avocado, and tuna.  I can’t say I was a huge fan of this roll because I think it definitely needed some sort of sauce or glaze to finish it off.  I did enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh fish, but if I usually want just fresh fish, I just order sashimi and not rolls with just fresh fish in it.  Either or, if you like the taste of raw fish on rice, this simple roll just might be for you.  The last roll we tried was the crunch roll, which was just your standard issue crunch roll.  Nothing special, but at least they got it right.  Some places put avocado, some places don’t.  This place didn’t, but if they did, I think it would have really put this roll over the top in “top crunch roll” territory.  FYI, if you ever go to Fukada in Irvine, they possibily have the worst crunch roll known to man, don’t waste your money.

Harumi Sushi was definitely a plesant surprise.  Was it the best sushi joint we’ve been to?  Definitely not, but it definitely ranks up there in terms of the rolls they have and the freshness of the fish.  Nothing is drenched or laden with heavy sauces and the sizes are always good enough for the one proper bite.  I recommend Harumi if you are in the area.  Just an FYI, the hospitality and service here is BAR NONE.  The night we were there for the sake bombs, the owner did the sake bombs with us and even kept giving us sake and beers to continue the drinking fest with him, ON THE HOUSE.  After that, he even walked out the restaurant and gave us all hugs and thanked us in his drunken stupor, it was pretty funny.  Our waiter even came out to give us all hugs too, she seemed happy that she got to be our waitress haha.  A very friendly staff indeed.


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