Mexico Bakery: Mexico’s Version of a Hamburger

2811 Story Rd.
San Jose, CA 95127
(408) 272-3838

Julie and I happen to land upon our decision to come to this place mainly by accident.  We were looking for places to get Mexican food and we happen to come across “Bakery Mexico” on yelp.  It had A LOT of reviews and it seemed like the place was popular for their tortas.  We said, “hey, why not come here for a snack?”

When Julie and I arrived, I notice the name of the place was actually Mexico Bakery and not Bakery Mexico like what yelp had posted, but we figure it had to be the right place due to the address, so just be aware that the place is actually called Mexico Bakery and you are indeed in the right place.  We parked and went inside and notice that the bakery is fairly packed and filled with locals.  You can definitely feel it’s a local spot since everyone there is Latin American and they are only speaking Spanish.  There are English speakers, so you can order in English, but just realize that when they call out your number for your food, it’ll be in Spanish… SO LEARN HOW TO COUNT IN SPANISH :)!!!

I think what you should definitely get here are the tortas.  They had already look amazing when we went inside and saw other people eating it.  The baked goods seemed like your standard offerings that you could probably get anywhere.  Plus, I thought it was a little gross they were handling the baked goods without any latex gloves on and just picking at it like it was their own food 0_0.

Anyway, we ended up ordering the torta azada, which was carne asada.  The torta came with avocado, carne asada of course, tomato, queso fresco, salted jalapeno slices, and MAYBE banana peppers because Julie did get some, but I didn’t.  On a side note though, the sandwiches were huge.  At $5.25, you get a pretty big serving, so considering we each only ate half, it was a decent amount to satisfy us, but not gut busting full. 

To start off, the sandwich is full of flavor.  The salted jalapenos definitely pop out when you take your first bite.  The next outstanding flavor would have to be the carne asada itself, which has that charbroiled taste to it, it was lavish.  The massive amounts of avocado was a great treat considering how much Julie and I love avocado.  They literally stick massive chunks of avocado in, and I thank them for that.  The torta shell itself was surprisingly very light.  A slight crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Honestly, you got to come try this at Mexico Bakery.  The sandwiches are made to order and definitely offer up a good alternative to just any old hamburger or regular sandwich.  The massive amounts of avocado are a welcome and the salted jalapenos always give this sandwich that extra dimension.  YOU GOT to come try this.


~ by thankgoditsfood on March 27, 2010.

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