Taiwan Bistro: Giving Authenticity a Bad Name

1310 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95130
(408) 984-3440

First off, I apologize for lagging on posting. A combination of being busy as well as laziness (on my part -_-“) is why our posts seem to be disappearing like hair on a  receding hairline. Luckily, Vy has tried gallantly to fill in for my shortcomings :). Normally I don’t give many horrible reviews. There just hasn’t been that many places where I was actually astounded by the fact that the restaurant is still in business.

For a place that CLAIMS to have authentic Taiwanese food, I was sorely disappointed. I’m rather concerned that it got the reviews it did on Yelp. Granted, I did not try their stinky tofu, which seems to be their winning dish. However, I will give input based on what my mom and I ordered.

I ordered the lunch combo of stewed pork rice with vegetables and a passion fruit tea. Hmm…what was the best part? I would have to go with the passion fruit tea. The meat was way salty and not a very dry. Based on my experience (or at least what my momma makes), stewed pork is supposed has a distinct taste based on how it’s marinated and should be easy to bite into pieces.

My mom ordered a noodle dish. In her exact words, “It was so bad that I can’t remember what it was called.” haha. I didn’t try the noodles, but even the sip of soup I had tasted weird.

The last dish we ordered were oyster pancakes, or oyster omelet. This is a very popular dish in Taiwan and certain parts of China. What it generally consists of are oysters (naturally), eggs, sweet potato starch, and some type of chrysanthemum greens (I believe..), seasonings, and topped off with sweet chili sauce. Oyster pancakes are one of my favorite snacks/dishes to get whenever I go back to Taiwan. Unfortunately, this place totally (in my opinion) fubared it up. Wayy wayyyy too much starch. I just felt like I was eating a lump of gelatinous goo. Big disappointment here, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised based on the other dishes =(.

I really wanted to like this place because I LOVE authentic Taiwanese food and snacks. Sadly, the dishes didn’t live up to the hype and prices were only okay. Even though I didn’t get to try their supposedly winning dish (stinky tofu), it’s just not worth my time to come back here. Thinking about all the local vendor food in Taiwan is making me drool (mentally haha). I’ll be on the lookout for worthy Taiwanese joints. Until then, be sure to nom nom and be fatties with us :).


~ by thankgoditsfood on May 16, 2010.

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