MoGo BBQ: Short Rib Meat in a Burrito? “Let’s Mogo!” =)

You Got to Find Them!!
They are usually in the San Jose Area

I had the week off from work, so I decided to visit Julie and she thought it be a good idea to try MoGo, a Korean and Mexican Fusion food truck. This idea isn’t new to any extent. Korean and Mexican fusion has been made famous by these mobile food vendors on wheels, and the fact that you have to search them out like a treasure hunt really makes them seem like…well, treasure!

Once we pegged down their location and figured they weren’t too far, we took a quick trip down before they got away and we got to try a few different things. We ended up ordering the chicken and short rib taco, the short rib sliders, and short rib burrito.

When we got our food, let’s just say, wow. This place packs on the filling. When I saw the burrito, it was big. I thought Chipotle had big burritos, but this place takes the cake. They are definitely generous with their fillings. When I took my first bite of the burrito, the short ribs were very tender. The amount of greens might seem a lot to any carnivore, but it works and compliments the meat very well. I thought the mexican tomato rice would be a bit much, but to my surprise, they are subtle in each bite, yet necessary to bring out the full texture and taste of the meat. To finish out this entire combination, they put an orange sauce over that has a tangy/mildly sweet taste to it, yum! I high recommend this.

As for the tacos, what can I say, it’s wonderful! The only thing about these tacos that we might warn you is that even though this is suppose to be fusion cuisine, the chicken in the tacos tasted like regular grilled chicken without any Korean marinade on it. If there was any sweet marinade so infamous in Korean BBQ, it was definitely on the lighter side. This is not to say it wasn’t good, it’s still great! The chicken wasn’t tough and the condiments were great on the tacos.

The only thing we did not like was the sliders. Although the meat was well marinaded and the greens were a good addition, we think the jack and cheddar cheese is an odd pairing. It was way too overwhelming and definitely eliminates the subtly of the rest of the sliders. Every ingredient in there was very subtle and savory without being too strong, but then you get this HIT of strong cheese, which definitely swings your taste buds in a whole other different direction. I think the dish would be great if the cheese was just omitted, or just order the sliders without the cheese.

What can we say, track them down and give them a try. The meats are well marinaded and the amount of food you get is very generous for the price. I highly recommend the burrito. For $7, you get a pretty big monstrosity that will definitely fill you up and make you crave more!


~ by thankgoditsfood on June 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “MoGo BBQ: Short Rib Meat in a Burrito? “Let’s Mogo!” =)”

  1. I have tried most everything from this truck except the tofu stuff. I REALLY LOVE the Dirty Dog! I have to disagree with the blogger about the sliders – I love them the way they are! Let’s MOGO!

  2. I’ve yet to try one of these joints. Looks great though. I can haz next time you go to SJ? Fedex it to my work prease!

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